Reedin, Rytin, Rithmatic, Whats The Extra Day For?

Seems a rural school district has decided to cut back it’s school week to 4 days due to high gas prices.  I’m mulling that over as i type this, part of me thinks its a great idea, part of me worries about child care costs for working Moms going up.  But, I have long advocated for shorter work weeks.  I think productivity would go up, and families would have more time together.

On a related note, for some reason I decided to tune in to local radio, where I was besieged by ads urging me to tell my Senator that Tennessee cannot afford to lose 80k jobs a year.  The ad stated “of coarse tennesseans want a cleaner environment, but….” and then goes on to basically debunk Global Climate Change and ANY regulatory steps to fight it.  Turns out, it was paid for by the Club For Growth.  Nuff said.



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3 responses to “Reedin, Rytin, Rithmatic, Whats The Extra Day For?

  1. heh heh, I said “coarse tennesseans”…isn’t that somewhat redundant?

  2. hee! I was just going to say something to that affect!

  3. In rural western Minnesota, the kids may be using the extra day to work on their family’s farm (or what’s left of it). Farm children have never been covered by child labor legislation and so it’s common that kids as young as 10 are doing some pretty heavy-duty farmwork. (This benefits farmowners that don’t get a steady stream of surplus laborers, but keeps wages real low.) My school district did something similar during the 1970s gas crisis; they chose one building to heat and all the kids were dropped off there four days a week. The school day was longer to compensate for the fifth day we didn’t show up and we got more homework. I don’t remember it as being bad, other than some classroom crowding when we pulled four schools into one building.

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