75,000 turn out to see Obama.  Cut that number in half, it’s still staggering.



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4 responses to “Impressive

  1. Yes, it is amazing.

  2. bridgett

    That number is highballed, but even if it was 50k, remember that the town has less than a half million people. When you can get 1 out of 10 people in a town to come hear you, you’re doing something worth noticing.

    Just to contrast, Bill spoke in the morning to less than 50 people. His motorcade had to roll by the park on the way out of town. Surely to God, he knows it’s over.

  3. democommie


    If it was 7,500 it would still be an event.

    Did anyone hear the Obama spokesperson, Susan Rice on Diane Rheem’s show this morning. She rebutted McCain’s spokesperson (ate him alive, actually) who was gushing about the new improved Iraq strategy of “Ol’ Wetstart” and, of course, telling a few lies about Obama.

  4. Those photos were amazing. Is it wrong that I want to send them to every Republican whose email address I can find?

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