Title First, Mack, Then Hit Publish

Hopelessly behind schedule out here on the farm, thanks, in part, to this ridiculous weather pattern. That said, I feel compelled to chime in on a few totally random issues:

A handful of local bloggers expressed their shock and revulsion to the practice of drugging immigrant detainees prior to removing them from this country. This is the kind of thing that happens when too many voices remain still while xenophobes and Nativists repeatedly portrayed these people as “less than” us. There will be more horrors, there will be more indifference.

It appears Christian from NiT compiled a list of divisive phrases that a couple of local bloggers employed while voicing support for their candidates. I’ll be honest, I stopped reading Egalia long ago. I’ve met her, and found her to be smart and confident, but I feel that her approach to this process has been myopic at best, and downright dangerous at its worst. There is no other other word I can use to describe her relentless attempts to paint Obama as a wife-beater except shrill. Christian’s decision to shine a light on her blog was spot on.

Not so much with Braisted.

One of the things I like about Sean is that he has well thought-out opinions on all forms of politics, local, State-wide, and National. Yes, he really dislikes Clinton, and, like Egalia, I feel that he set himself up to be marginalized had his candidate not won. (or, soon will win) But the level vitriol isn’t close to the same. Personally, I wouldn’t use some of the language he uses to describe a fellow Democrat, (especially one as committed and hard-working as Hillary) but thats his call. At the risk of sounding condescending…he is young.

I read this when I got up this morning. I ain’t buyin. Even if it is entirely accurate, I don’t care. My bitch with the the Big Three is that instead of embracing the idea that a few skinny years following a massive re-tool would be followed by a unique position in the market, they instead opted to buy our elected leaders so that they could push their products on a gullible American public. They have been aware of this change in the market for at least a decade, and probably longer. By now, they could be producing a car that meets today’s needs, without the insane practice of rebates and corporate underwritten financial bribes. (zero percent interest! Buy our trucks!)

Nicely timed, Mr. Edwards. Can you get Mrs. Edwards on board?

Just as I was getting on a roll, my partner in this project has just walked through the door, and he is ready to get to work…so, more later. Enjoy your day.

Oh! I forgot. Heartbreak Town, you are turning into one of my favorite bloggers. Really. And I don’t even care much for Country music.



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15 responses to “Title First, Mack, Then Hit Publish

  1. Heartbreak town is one of my favorites now, too! She rocks!

  2. heartbreaktown

    Too many topics, silly goose!!!

    1. It’s “great” that so many stories of horrors and injustice can finally be told and heard. But it’s also caused individuals to feel so small, helpless, overwhelmed and eventually numb.

    2. The Clintons have been demonized relentlessly in this process by the right AND the left. Is it fair that Obama is unfairly demonized as well? Of course not, but it is a two edge sword that cuts all. The Primaries should have always been about the issues, but the candidates were so similar with nearly identical voting records, that a more “interesting” story had to be told, whether it was true or not. Now the entire process has been poisoned. (But that’s not news either.) I believe we WILL come together in the end and defeat John McCain – she said while still in her jammyjams.


    6. Why Mr Mack, you flatter. You’re a Peach! (No, that was when you lived in Georgia). … You’re a Predator! (oh, that really doesn’t work either.) I’ll think of something. You’re first on my blogroll!!! But is that really alphabetical?

    And you don’t like country music, eh?
    A challenge!

  3. nm

    Welllllll … I find Egalia difficult to read recently, with her flip dismissals of Obama’s supporters and her refusal to believe that anyone could prefer another candidate to Clinton in good faith. But she’s 100% right that Clinton is trivialized, insulted, and dismissed by a number of talking heads (I’m looking at you, Matthews) simply because they can’t seriously hold the idea of a compelling female presidential candidate in their heads without experiencinig complete cognitive dissonance. Most of her claims of misogyny, when applied to the pundits, are right on target.

    The attacks on Obama on coded or open racial grounds have generally come from a different source. Clinton needs to own them. The fact that no matter how many people she fires her campaign keeps coming up with this stuff tells me I was right not to have voted for her.

    Elizabeth Edwards won’t endorse Obama. But with luck, we may get her writing the health care plank in the party’s platform. Because you know that Obama is going to have to compromise on mandates.

  4. heartbreaktown

    (I was just talkin’ to someone and I thought… I hope people know I meant Nashville Predators, the hockey team. I worry.)

  5. Jon

    What! Why would anyone object to getting free psychotropic drugs?? Some of us pay good money for that stuff!

    Now, the deportation that follows, well now that’s something to be upset about 🙂

  6. egalia seems too strident to me of late, strenuously so — comparable to the way a neo-con discusses islamofachism and refuses to budge or countenance any other possibility.

    After reading John’s post on immigrants, all I could think of was that we had 250 days more of this moron. then we’ll have a new one.

    heartbreaktown – we were all wondering how you got to know mack so well…..ok, not really.

  7. nm has a better critter icon. i’m envious.

  8. Great comments on this thread. nm, sometimes I just want to sit at your feet and listen to you make sense because you do.

  9. heartbreaktown – we were all wondering how you got to know mack so well…..ok, not really.

    Its an interesting story, actually. Long ago, while serving with the Peace Corps in Suriname, I came across a drug addled streetwalker near the city of Maribo. Normally, I would have hastily passed her by…but there was just something about her, some redeeming trait that lingered just beneath her dirty, smelly, pock-marked exterior. I explained to her that while I thought 2 dollars (American) was quite a bargain, she should not be earning a living in this fashion. Eventually, I was so taken by her plight that I bought her from her pimp. Years later, after completing rehab, she borrowed enough money to come to America to become a singer/songwriter. Originally bound for Nashville, her flight was diverted to Boston and poor thing couldn’t speak the language or read very well, and so she was stuck there, though, happily, has found a lucrative career as a stripper.

    As you can see, she has mastered English, and can string together a graceful sentence. I am so very proud of her.

  10. Mack, I asked you to never tell anyone how you met me and my sister.

  11. heartbreaktown

    I don’t have pock-marks.

  12. Oh lord…Mack’s having hallucinations again…I’ll call SuperMousey and remind her to give him his meds.

  13. democommie


    Quit your day job.

    I’m liking this stuff. Throw some ideas out there and let the commenters scrum away.

    All of the things said about Hillary are true, all of them. She is savaged by people on all sides. She is a hard worker. She has a monstrously swollen ego, yada, yada, yada.

    This process is actually, I think, having a good effect. People who have been trying to sleep through the process have been kept aware by the bickering and (in some cases against their own desire) gotten involved.

  14. nm

    nm has a better critter icon. i’m envious.

    Well, I am the greatest. Plus, I don’t react to complaints about misogyny by calling them strident.

  15. really good one, mack. i’m impressed. 😀

    nm, aunt b. taught me not to say “shrill” and I was too lazy to go look up another word.

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