This is the kind of leadership I’d like to see more of from Head Coaches at every level of this game I love so much.  Telling our young men that the ability to throw, run or tackle better than most does not preclude them from acting like good citizens.  Bravo, Coach Miles.  I’ll be rooting for LSU next year.

I believe I’ll go buy an LSU cap today.



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5 responses to “Gutsy

  1. Except, they are all purple.

    OK, I need a line on a blue one. I’ve seen them, I swear.

  2. Kudos to coaches like this, and you’re right, I know for a fact they have some that aren’t purple – I bought my kid brother one a couple months ago.

  3. woody

    I remember when they wouldn’t let me start a game in high school because I wouldn’t get a crewcut!
    They said it was character issue.
    Times have changed.

  4. Well, you had all that ethnic hair and everything.

    Plus, you could dance…

  5. democommie


    How about the USC coach who offered two scholarships so’s he could get one good player?

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