Mopar Military Madness

Single most important piece of bad news I’ve read in a while.  I’m left wondering if Cerberus is looking for it’s own private army, or, if they see enormous returns ahead in the form of fat, no bid contracts.

Dear Democratic Party.  If we manage to elect a Democrat for President, and his/her first order of business isn’t putting this company out of business, you’ve lost me forever.   Period.



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9 responses to “Mopar Military Madness

  1. The Missus

    I’m with ya, they need to go. I’d go with enormous returns ahead in the form of fat, no bid contracts, who wouldn’t want one. Their own private army is just a bonus.

  2. The good news is that the deal was stopped. The bad news is that it was ever on the table to begin with. And this company owns a controlling stake in Chrysler, too.

    You have to wonder why the Dark Prince would be selling Blackwater to begin with, though. What’sup with that?

  3. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I suspect that Blackwater (like many a pro-athlete) is being shopped because they are on the downside of their career as far as stats like profitability are concerned.

  4. democommie


    Is it just me or is it a bit strange that “Cerebrus” (a “Hellhound” in Greek mythology) was chosen as the company’s name?

  5. Cerebrus was the guardian of the gates of Hades, and considered impassable.


    You make me sad.

  7. democommie

    Yes, I get that part, but why would a company want that name? I would think that the backlash from the sort of folks that went after P&G over their “satanic” branding would be enough to deter them.

    Or is it that when they die they are planning to go to hell and don’t want to worry about extradition?

  8. Remember that Hades was just the underworld. It wasn’t necessarily a place of damnation, like the Christian Hell. There was no Satan, only Hades, and he wasn’t such a bad guy.

    On the one hand, I’m surprised a corporation would think that most people would know that detail, but I guess they figured most people wouldn’t know who Cerberus was either.

  9. democommie


    I’m not a student of myth, particularly, or comparative religions. I’m just guessing that the fact that Hades had to kidnap Persephone means it wasn’t a first choice “Destination Resort”. There’s a singer/songwriter, Anais Mitchell, who performed recently in our cultural center (the naval auxiliary/seniors hall) and she sang several songs from an opera about Persephone and Hades–they were great.

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