Doctor, I Have A Pain

2000 B.C.- “Here, eat this root.”

1000AD- “Roots are heathen, here, say this prayer.”

1850A.D.-“That prayer is superstition, here, drink this potion.”

1940A.D.-“That potion is snake-oil, here, take this pill.”

1985A.D.-“That pill is ineffective, here, take this antibiotic.”

2000A.D.-“That antibiotic is not covered by your HMO, here, eat this root.”

H/T:  The Primary Wife



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2 responses to “Doctor, I Have A Pain

  1. The Missus

    Sadly, sounds about right.

  2. democommie


    Not only is the root not covered but, using it without approval of your PCP will result in a loss of coverage for the condition.

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