Goat Update

We’ve taken to ringing a bell when we feed them.  They catch on fast.  Nog can pet them now, they seem to trust him.  Last evening the older goat (formerly named Thelma, but since been given the name, I swear to God, Billie) actually ate Nogs assignment for the Clover Bowl.  The dogs are tolerating them well, haven’t even sneered at them once.  No, NM, we will not be eating them.

Oh, the tobacco stakes are in my barn, whenever you want them.



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25 responses to “Goat Update

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  2. The Missus

    Billie??? What a shame. So is it Billie and Louise?

    nm, What kind of tomatoes do you grow? The reason I ask is I’m looking for some Cherokee Purple seeds. I have heard great things about CP, but have never tasted it.

  3. Billie and Callie.

  4. nm

    Missus, Cherokee Purple tomatoes are spectacularly tasty–almost winey and very sweet. And they are prolific growers, at least when grown in Tennessee in years without extended periods of hundred degree heat. I have a couple of them, and this year I’m also growing a couple of kinds of paste tomatoes and some sungold cherry tomatoes. I would gladly let you have some seeds, but unfortunately I don’t have any. I never have the least ability to get a tomato seed to turn into a tomato,* so I buy seedlings to transplant. You can get seeds and very healthy transplants of all sorts of varieties of heirloom tomatoes (and also peppers and eggplants) from Marianna Jones in Dickson, and she ships to people who can’t get out there. She has a somewhat disorganized website at and I can’t praise her highly enough. So you can order from her.

    Now, another tomato I’d like to grow this year is the Nebraska Wedding, which also tastes spectacular. It’s a yellow tomato and tastes sort of bright and crisp, if that makes any sense. But Marianna didn’t have any transplants of that this year, so I got some seeds from her, that I am forlornly hoping will turn into viable plants. I told my neighbor across the street I’d give her some seeds, but I ought to have some left over for you, if you’d like them.

    Mack, how am I gonna get those stakes out of your barn? And have I thanked you yet? And I thought you bought the goats to clear out the underbrush, so why are you feeding them?

    *This is remarkably unfair, since I can grow greens, lettuce, okra, and beans from seeds, but tomato seeds hate me.

  5. nm

    Well, the html ate the website info. It’s: http://mariseeds.com/

  6. Cherokee Purple do taste good and do well here – we grew them a few years back – but the purple color always freaked people out.

  7. The Missus

    nm-This year seeds are not doing well for me at all. I ordered some CP seeds from victory seeds, they were out, so they sent Cherokee Chocolate so far they will not grow for me. I have heard good things about Nebraska Wedding. I’m new to heirlooms,
    grew my first last year with Brandywine. Thanks for the link.

  8. The Missus

    Sorry Mack didn’t mean to hijack your thread.

  9. democommie

    So, if you have purple tomatoes and red eggplant can you still call it ratatouille?

  10. Hijack away, kiddo, all this stuff really interests me. Besides, how much discussion can there be on a “goat update.”?

  11. Demo, are you drinking sour mash, or cheap vodka?

  12. nm

    Missus, I’ve ordered from Victory Seeds in the past (basil and some really cool kale, IIRC) and had good luck. But since I discovered Marianna’s Seeds, I’m all about driving to Dickson.

    To give Mack his thread back, I bet heirloom tomatoes and goat’s milk cheese taste fantastic together.

  13. So, you will drive to Dickson for seeds, but not here to get stakes? Hmmmmm.

  14. The Missus

    nm- where do you live?
    Have you ever tried a mater called Black Krim?

  15. nm

    Mack, I would drive up to your place for stakes, horses, and many other things, but my husband won’t.* And I won’t actually drive to either of the places you mention. Because, you know … it’s far and involves highways.

    Missus, I live in East Nashville and have never eaten a Black Krim. They do look intriguing, but I’ve never seen one (tomato as distinct from seed) offered for sale in Nashville. I always kind of assumed that they didn’t grow here, since the name suggests they were developed in Crimea and none of the farmers who sells heirloom tomatoes at the Nashville Farmers Market has ever shown up with one.

    *He has a thing about meeting bloggers who he doesn’t run into himself in real life. I don’t know why.

  16. NM, I could take you up there or procure the stakes somehow myself and bring them to you.

  17. nm

    I’ll probably have to take you up on that, B. Or I could walk out there, tie up the stakes, put them on a horse, steal the horse, and take them home.

  18. Ha, well, then you’d be waiting for Mack to get his horses a lot better trained than they are at the moment!

  19. nm

    Well, I expect it will take me some time to walk all that way. I’m sure they’ll be in proper shape by the time I get there.

  20. democommie


    I never drink cheap vodka ( at least I don’t consider it cheap at $4.99/L) and sour mash just sounds, somehow, so wrong. I’d rather have bourbon or whiskey.

    I love it when I go to the farmers market and watch people pay $4.00 a pound for white eggplant (do the french call them “aubergine” when they’re white?) or white pumpkin.

    Are the tomatoes you spoke of heirloom varieties?

    I think goats are cool, but don’t they pretty much denude the landscape? Or is that if they’re just not fed enough?

    I got some car questions, too, but I’ll wait for a thread on foreign relations or the economy to ask those.

  21. Hello, Mr. “I’m Too Cool to Twitter”.

    I have to ask – is there a story behind the name change to Billie? Just curious. Seemed like there might be one, but I know there might not be.

    By the way, Mr. “I’m Too Cool to Twitter”, you missed a most marvelous and somewhat politically related Twitter discussion this morning. On Twitter.

    And yes, I’m pretty much commenting for the almost-sole purpose of ragging you about being too cool to Twitter. But I do wonder if there’s a story to the Billie change.


  22. The names Mack picks for his daughters are swell, thank you. =)

  23. bridgett

    Billie is named, I’m betting, for Billie Joe Armstrong. Your daughter loves Green Day, right?

  24. Bridgett, you are a smart one. No, not really named for him, though that would have been cool. I happened to remark to Supermousey that Billie Holiday was a woman, so we could just spell the name differently, and we’d be golden.

    Mychal, Aunt B is just jealous. I love your name. Always have.

  25. supermousey

    Haha, Bridgett. It’s really Billie-Millie. Lucky. She has a hyphen in her name. I like Mychal’s name, too. And mine. Mine’s kewl.

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