Rare Political Post

I happened to catch Harold Ford Jr. on MSNBC last evening.  What. A. Putz.  As a general rule, I don’t trash Dems, and I am amazed by some “Democratic” bloggers who act like this is their first Primary.  Nonetheless, Harold really stepped in it yesterday.  I kind of laughed when he suggested that Obama would be well served to pick an NRA member “like ME” to help him in Red states.  But then, in typical Blue-Dog fashion, suggested that Obama’s patriotism (or lack of it) was a legitimate issue.  He said, “there is some evidence out there.”  Then he sort of stepped back, and said, “I mean, theres this “body of work” out there.

Really?  Hey, Harold, theres a “body of work” out there that I think suggests you are a raging womanizer, intent to bag every white woman on the planet.  Does that make it a legitimate issue?




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10 responses to “Rare Political Post

  1. Oh yeah, when I’m mad, I bring the Yiddish. Deal wid it.

  2. The Missus

    I hate that MSNBC has hired him, I saw him last week on David Gregory’s new show, mumbling some DLC garbage. Maybe John McInsane can choose Harold as his running mate, if thats ok with Lieberman and Huckleberry Graham.

  3. Trashing Dems is soooo much fun. For instance, Joe Haynes is a douche bag for his anti-immigrant bill.

  4. nm

    Missus, better MSNBC than the DNC.

  5. democommie


    That’s the problem. Some dems (far too many, in fact) cannot pull the trigger when it’s one of their own–not that the GOP faithful follow, blindly, anyone who says that he’s a christian and a patriot.

    I’ve heard many things about Harold Ford, none of them flattering. But, you gotta get in at the lowest levels of organizing is you want real change.

  6. democommie


    I’ve been looking around a number of blogs and it’s sad that almost nobody thinks that the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination needs to marked with a post about him and his work.

    I gotta go back to work.

  7. Demo, I noticed that too. In my case, I threw up a little something this morning, but a post about Dr. King seemed a little…I don’t know, obvious? Usually, on MLK day, people do so.

  8. “… Obama would be well served to pick an NRA member “like ME” to help him in Red states. “

    Na. Ga. Ha. Pen.

  9. democommie


    I thought about that and I sort of agree, but still… I was listening to a speech that Dr. King gave just a week or two before he died and he said, at least twice that “America could go to hell!”. His use of that epithet was linked to his “Poor People’s Campaign” but, as is obvious, Jeremy Wright (who is about the same age as King would have been, had he lived) is not the only person who has used inflammatory language from the pulpit when he sought to illustrate a point.

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