Pithed At Pith.

Dear Liz,

I don’t do suck-up very well. I was a tad disappointed to see so many of my friends compelled to “get your attention” to have their blogs put back on Pith’s blog-roll. Oh wait, I mean compelled to “make their case.” Look, I know you were merely employing a bit of drollery…tomfoolery, joviality. I like a good caper myself. But I have to be honest and say that I was a little ticked off. It is starting to look a little like NiT all over again. For months, loyal readers were looking for information, or really, just feedback from the Powers That Be to tell them what to expect post-Brittney. The silence was deafening. Brittney was an ambassador for that blog. She read other blogs, tons of them. She engaged, she ridiculed, she supported, in short, she earned every reader she had. The Bosses let her twist over a stupid, emotion-filled attack by cyber bullies and they lost her. Then, they compounded their stupidity by clamming up, and letting the readership slip away like they didn’t care about them.

Suddenly, (actually, months and months later) there was Christian G, popping up all over the place. He commented. He linked. He twittered his little ass off, as if he had been doing this all along. The trouble was, it felt forced and more than a little insincere. By the time he saw fit to engage “the blogger community” again, MCB had provided essentially the same haven for us, and there was no going back. The slick, gadget-filled new and (improved?) NiT is a flop, IMO.

Bloggers take linking very seriously. Some even love their detractors and trolls because at least they can count on their participation. Perhaps a comparison to LTEs might better explain it. I’m sure the Scene loves to get mail, either in praise of, or in admonishment. For a writer, its an acknowledgment that you reached someone. You’ve been heard. These days, when bloggers have Feed readers at their disposal, it’s a huge compliment to be linked to, or given a comment. Someone stopped reading, and took the time to comment. I think this is the part of blogging that I’m not sure you get, or, you get but find it…I don’t know, a little amusing? Needy?

Sure, huge blog-rolls don’t mean very much to seasoned bloggers, if all you have to do is ask to be on one. If you had cleared out your entire blogroll, then asked for auditions, it may have set differently with me. But you selected certain blogs to keep, and removed the rest. Stacey Campfield? Seriously? I have to wonder about your qualifying criteria. Frequency of posting? Writing ability? Readership? Your personal connection? Had you been more receptive to us pajama-people from the beginning, again, I may have played along. But you and I both know that you have been, in the past, if not openly disdainful of bloggers, then at least suspicious of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the increase of activity at Pith. I still think there may come a time when Pith must compete for online readership along with everyone else, so this makes perfect sense to me. I guess I would have rather seen more of an effort to recognize some of the very talented writers that blog right here in Nashville. Had Pith linked to and commented on other blogs in the area, and by doing so, legitimized what we do, I think you guys had every chance to attract and keep a loyal blogger audience. You have some very talented, very funny people on staff, and almost any local blogger would have relished the thought that someone at The Scene recognized something they wrote on a given day.

Or, maybe I’m just pissed that I got booted. I’ll get back to ya.

Your friend,




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10 responses to “Pithed At Pith.

  1. OK .. what is this all about? I’m confused.

  2. Mack, I bet you say that about everyone you don’t know. Flattery will get you no where 😉

  3. Unlike the Amazing ‘B’, I don’t think my feeble effort grabbed much of anybody’s attention, much less L. Garrigans.

  4. Beale, go to PITH, see Liz’s explanation. I mean, she is keeping us posted, but coming to the party late and all…

    Hutch, you’ll probably be added next week.

    Christian, all I can do is write about my experiences, and on what I see. It ain’t at all personal. You are a good sport, though.

  5. democommie


    Blogrolling is lost on me, as I don’t have enough time to check out all of the blogs I go to now. I usually rely on the comments sections to see whose blogs I might want to explore.

    Not having a blog of my own I get to avoid the feeling of being turned down (that happens enough with banks, employers and women) by other bloggers!

    E-mail me sometime (if you have my address).

  6. Heee…I think it’s all pretty amusing, myself…I’m not taking it all very seriously (hence my movie quote filled plea), and imho, I don’t think you should, either…

    Spring is coming…

  7. Remind me why I’m supposed to give a shit who the Scene has in their blogroll? This has the same impact on my life than, say, changes in the prime-time lineup of The CW.

    Begging to be put on someone’s blogroll is akin to begging them to sign your yearbook.

    If one is upset at being left out of a clique, you can always take it up with your guidance counselor or the vice-principal that you are being snubbed by “cool kids”.

    Of course, just when exactly did “cool kids” come to mean “newspaper dorks”?

  8. Really, Ginger, i don’t do much linking or commenting these days, and i have yet to find a subject that i write about very well. I was glad to be on Pith’s blogroll, but mainly because I thought it meant I was noteworthy. I don’t think i ever got a single referral, but i don’t care much about that. But there are some very talented people in nashville, and Pith would be well served to highlight a few of them.

    Sarcastro, I hear ya, but an alt weekly’s blog can do what their paper cannot, that is, break stories as they happen. I sense an underlying, (or is it overt?) disdain for talent without the requisite credentials. In fact, you are a perfect example of a local talent that should have a larger audience. I know you don’t give a shit, and thats cool, but I, for some reason, really care what happens to the Nashville blog scene. I’m invested, i guess.

    Demo, i don’t have your addy. Mine is

    freespeech43 at yahoo.

  9. Beale, go to PITH, see Liz’s explanation.

    “If you’ve been removed from the blogroll and want to make your case for why the new Pith should keep you, email me. Flattery will get you everywhere.”

    Hmm. Well, if my brilliance is lost on Pith and they don’t understand why I am an urgently needed addition to their blogroll, I don’t see why I should enlighten them. Pearls and swine, y’all.

    {tongue firmly in cheek, in case you couldn’t tell}

    Hell, I’m not on half the blogrolls of the local blog sites. I’ll blogwhore those posts that I think are of local interest (hey, did you hear The Tennessean go astroturfed?) but I’m the last person to demand to be blogrolled.

    Maybe I should.

    I keep a small blogroll. It’s only places I personally visit regularly.

  10. Yea, beale, i wanted to see and appreciate the humor in her post, but it grated on me to see that she kept certain ones, tossed the rest, and i found myself wondering what criteria she used to decide.

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