Rednecks and Long-necks

Damn.  I’m on a brief vacation with the kids, somewhere in East Tn, and a friend calls to tell me that WKRN sacked Kleinheider.  Ruined my day, it did, though I expected it to happen well before it did, especially after seeing what they spent on their shiny new fucked up NiT.  Note to WKRN:  It was Brittney and Kleinheider that made it work.  They could have been as successful with a free WordPress template and aggregator.  Adam, you’re a talented guy. I know you will do well in your next gig.  Heres a little pic you can remember me by.  (Oh, and Aunt B as well)  Tee hee.


Oh, and the thread title has nothing to do with ACK, it has to do with this hell-hole of a place we stayed in last night.  Makes Springfield look positively cosmopolitan by comparison.  Just….damn.


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4 responses to “Rednecks and Long-necks

  1. democommie


    What was the problem, too many rednecks or not enough long necks?

  2. Two words: Park Vista


  3. That’s what you get for not asking anybody who actually lived near there before going. 😛

  4. …or anybody who has been there say…at least 75 times in their life… I used to go there every summer when I was a kid. Funny thing is…it hasn’t changed a whole heck of a lot since the 70s. lol

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