A Cardholder For Decades

I devoted a paragraph the other day to the asinine practice of trashing fellow Democrats in the Primary.  It’s beyond short-sighted, its patently stupid.  If you are a Clinton supporter, I have news for you….Obama is not the enemy.  If you want to know a little about the real enemy, read this.  It was printed last August, but it may be more relevant now.  Theres a name in that article you do not want to skip over, if you care about your candidate.  The name is Arthur Finklestein, and he is a Republican political operative of the worst kind.  Yes, Obama will have an army of 527s against him as well, and he may or may not be as adept at fending them off as Hillary.

I am prepared to work hard for either candidate.  When I talk to uncommitted people, especially bloggers, I am well positioned to make my case for Hillary Clinton, even though I have publicly stated I voted for Obama in the primary.  The reason I can do this is because you will find nothing disparaging about either candidate on this blog.  I had a choice to make, and I did so, and stated my reasons for it.  I have a preference, thats it. 

There is a great deal at stake in the General Election, so a win is extremely important to me as a citizen.  As a person, how we win is of more importance.   I truly believe our country is poised to rally behind not just change, but real leadership that includes keeping citizens informed of what is at stake, without exaggeration or misrepresentation.  Even the media will come around.

Already, I’m hearing about what a bloodbath Pennsylvania will be.  Do people really think anybody besides a whorish media benefits from that?  We’ll need to put forth a message in the General that resonates with voters.  Lets get to work on that, shall we?



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8 responses to “A Cardholder For Decades

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  2. I’m with ya. The fact is, I’m getting sick and tired of hearing fellow Democrats trash the “other side” whether they’re supporting Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. The US cannot handle another 4 years of Republican leadership, especially with the economic problems we are facing now.

  3. You are right. The negative attacks in the Democratic Primary are good for Republicans. If Obama holds on to win, after all of these questions that Clinton has raised about him, he will limp into the general election wounded. These “questions” will still be fresh in the minds of independent voters. It is a recipe for implosion.
    It is extremely difficult mathematically for Mrs. Clinton to win this thing. All she can really do is damage the eventual nominee’s chances in the general election. Amazing that she and her cronies are this selfish.

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  5. democommie


    I’m not as evenhanded as you are, but I would vote for a dead democrat over any republican. McCain is a nasty, nasty old man who is willing to do or say whatever it takes to get elected.

    Do you know about his efforts to screw the Navajo (Din’eh) out of their tribal lands for the benefit of the uranium mining concerns?

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