Observations and Stuff I Need To Say

First:  A great big thank you to all the people that chipped in to help me with those monster trees this weekend.  Sarcastro can handle a chainsaw like a pro, The Missus’ hubby is a hard worker and has bailed me out numerous times in the past.  Aunt B did a magnificent job of testing the rocking chairs on the cabin porch, and making sure the coolers were not too heavy by removing beer from them frequently.  Seriously, it turned a huge chore into a good time.  I’m sorry to report that the kid’s wiffle ball team proved to tough for the adults to handle.

I’m just sick of fellow Dem bloggers ripping their primary opponents to shreds.  Both candidates have reached out to younger voters, and we are not setting a great example for them whatsoever.  How fast would y’all like to see the inevitable cynicism set in?  We have an enormous opportunity to show them that we can distinguish our candidate from his/her opponents without relying on half-truths and outright smears.  Stop whining, and get engaged in our Party, and keep in mind why the hell we are Democrats.

Reading alot of good stuff in my feed reader (yes, I have one) and a good deal of it seems to be about not giving in to fear and hate.  I think we are seeing a sort of “collective consciousness” which seems to call on us to re-think how we treat those different from us.  I applaud it, and hope to contribute to the effort.

I tried to get one of the Editors at MCB to write about a new resort opening in Sevierville, but apparently they didn’t have alot of interest.  Anyway, our family has been traveling to the Wisconsin Dells in the Summer, and I have written here about what a unique place it is, in part because of all the theme resorts.  We stayed at The Wilderness, once, and really enjoyed it.  This July, The Wilderness Resorts will open their newest place in Sevierville.  Almost all the resorts in Wisconsin feature huge indoor and outdoor water parks.  If you have children that are decent swimmers, you can enjoy the water year-round.  Your room rate is reasonable, and includes use of all their attractions.  We plan to check out their newest park this summer, close to home.  Cool.  Oh!  Heres a link to their website. 

Note:  I don’t typically plug businesses here, but I can be quick to point out less than fair dealings with a business, so I thought I should point out when a business does a good job.   Plus, maybe gas prices will have pepole looking for stuff to do close to home.  So, there.



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5 responses to “Observations and Stuff I Need To Say

  1. Hey, someone’s got to make sure that the porch can be used for such porch-like activities as rocking and drinking beer and talking.

    And I completely agree that there’s just something sad and aggravating about watching people who are on the same side and who have sympathetic interests turn on each other in such ugly ways.

  2. democommie


    I agree on the political comment. I got mad skillz with a chainsaw, too. I am hands down (or what’s left of ’em) the fastest 9-3/4’s fingered sawyer on my block! I would have gladly cut trees down in exchange for somebody digging my cellar up to pour footing for all the lally columns I have to put in. I spend the better part of half a day digging a hole and then it fills with water and has to be bailed out before I can put the form in.

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  4. good weather
    good company
    good tamales
    good hard work
    good beer
    good to watch kids playing outside instead of glued to the idiot box
    good discussions
    good times

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