John “Sidney” McCain, Or Watch Me Use The Word Shrill To Describe A Man!

How embarrassing.  Someone on McCain’s team should be canned today.  Its no secret I will vote for any Democrat over McCain, but I admire the man for his service, his longevity as a Senator, and his stamina throughout the arduous process of becoming the Republican nominee.  He is a serious dude.  Which moron of a staffer scheduled that idiot talk-radio host from Cincinnati to “warm up the crowd” for their candidate?  Are Conservatives just tone deaf, perhaps?  McCain is not generally thought of as a stark raving partisan, and I’m convinced that perception has played a HUGE role in his success during the campaign.  For the loon from Ohio to come out and try that lame “Hussein” card in the intro was bad enough, but then he refers to the various broadcast networks by tired nicknames that lost whatever luster they may have had back in the Nineties.  Networks that will be following every word McCain utters until next November. It was beyond shrill.

Then I read this from David Oatney.  He is a self-proclaimed Conservative, who is now claiming that McCain threw this hack from Cincy”under the bus.”  Really?  Don’t you think it was the other way around?  Let me explain something to Mr. Oatney, so that he can go forth and visit all the indignant conservative blogs and relay it to them.  Using Obama’s middle name is an obvious ploy to agitate those xenophobes and racists among us.  The reason I know this, is that I have yet to hear John McCain referred to as John “Sydney” McCain.  So, obviously, if you are not trying to make a not so sly point about Obama, why use it, and forgo using it when talking about McCain?  6th graders can see through this.

The larger point, fellas, is that people have grown weary of stupid political tricks.  The sun is setting on the Day of the Relevant Talk Show Host.  You guys had way more time than you should have had.  Rush Limbaugh spawned dozens, if not hundreds of wanna-be imitators, and every bitter, unhappy American had some disembodied voice emanating from their radios they could latch onto and worship.  Everyone that wanted to be Hannitized has been.  The bullshit you have been spreading in this country will not find an audience as the next generation comes up.  They don’t do talk-radio.


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16 responses to “John “Sidney” McCain, Or Watch Me Use The Word Shrill To Describe A Man!

  1. I understand your outrage Mack. I understand that using his middle name is a sort of racist code. But I hope you were equally as outraged when Clinton supporter Bob Kerry and other Democrats did the same thing. Being highly principled, of course you were.

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  4. I’m not outraged, Glen, I’m amused. Yes, it was just as stupid for Bob Kerry to do it.

  5. kat

    it is wholly absurd for anyone to pretend that using obama’s middle name is anything other than agitprop. Xenophobic agitprop.

  6. The Missus

    “sort of a racist code” WTF? Is that like being sort of pregnant? Maybe it’s like being sort of an ass hole.

  7. democommie


    I pretty much agree with you, except I think McCain is and has been an opportunistic pos ever since he came back from Vietnam. For him to pander to the hard right and fundies is just another example of his obsessive desire to prove that he’s the man. I would pity him, except I think he’s very dangerous, so I would rather he just melt down BEFORE the election.

  8. Demo- true enough he was pulled hard to the right during the primaries.

    He will certainly have to swing back to the left to have a chance in the General.

  9. Jon

    I thought the whole cliched network names rant was sad too. But even moreso since he talked about the “Clinton News Network” being biased towards Obama! Dude, at least *try* to keep your slurs and talking points internally consistent.

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  12. My first inclination is to say who gives a shit what his middle name is? For all I care it could be Barack Hitler Obama…

    Being named Barack Hussein Obama no more makes him a terrorist Jew hater any more than me being named Ginger Lynn makes me a porn star.

    (Yes, that is my name…let the jokes begin.)

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  14. One thing that isn’t mentioned here or anywhere is I think McCain did a little grandstanding here. He loves to play the “I’m not like those others” act with the media. By denouncing those words, McCain actually ended up benefiting. How convenient.

  15. nm

    Glen, when someone pitches you a hanging fastball, are you going to refrain from swinging at it out of some mistaken sense of nobility?

    Ginger, that’s just Tennessee Christians freaking out (yet again) because Jews don’t believe what they tell us we believe, have the opinions they tell us we have, vote the way they’re sure we would vote if only we were who they keep telling us we are instead of who we know we are. Even Marty Peretz at The New Republic, who never saw a missile system he didn’t think Israel ought to own and is AIPAC’s biggest fan, says that on the topics of Jews and Israel he thinks Obama is just fine. Some days these folks will ask us instead of telling us, but until then, they’ll continue to make fools of themselves.

  16. You know, Sidney is kind of a wussy name. I’m not sure if McCain is manly enough to lead us against the encroaching muslim hoards.

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