Raped? Bring your Debit Card.

Normally, I’d hesitate to chime in on women’s issues, afraid to use the wrong word or be even remotely unclear in my meaning.  However, this doesn’t strike me as just a women’s issue, not in the least.  Both Rachel and Aunt B have posted something that I cannot ignore.  It seems that if a woman suffers the trauma and indignity of rape, and, winds up in an emergency room, she is likely to be charged for the rape kit.   I mentioned this to the Primary Wife, and, as a veteran of many ERs, she said that the kits are supplies, and, as such, are charged to the patient like bandages or medicine.  I guess I have to ask why?  Isn’t the sole purpose of the kit to gather evidence?  As such, it seems like an expense that should be covered by the police, or the State.

I ‘m wondering if I show up at an ER claiming to have been shot, if I would be charged for collecting and storing the bullet fragments as evidence?  Or, what if the police want to make sure I didn’t shoot myself, and gave me a GSPR test?  (Gun shot powder residue)  Should I have to pay for that?  What if I decide not to press charges?  Is it OK to charge me for the costs incurred investigating the crime?

I’m just sitting wondering what kind of message this sends to women.  Are we saying that they, as victims of rape, are somewhat, kinda sorta, in a way complicit?   I think it does.


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5 responses to “Raped? Bring your Debit Card.

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  3. democommie


    I was going to get snarky for a second and then thought better of it.

    I side with you. It should be part of the local public safety budget (or at least covered by the hospital as part of their community serice); but I’m sure there are plenty of “blame the victim” folks that would say if the woman hadn’t been blatant about being one, it never would have happened.

  4. Mychal

    That’s awful. There’s also a big story going on right now, though it escapes me where I read it, about a women who was denied a rape kit.

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