One Day, I’ll Get Around To Linking…

Pretty good debate last night. I have grown weary, though, of the endless analysis of every utterance that occurred afterward. For me, bottom line: Obama has run a better campaign. He has used his resources wisely. I’m a little shocked, because I really admire and respect Terry McAuliffe. I’m not sure Mark Penn has served her well.

For about the last 6-7 years, my family has been buying the bulk of our clothing at Goodwill Ind. At first, the store seemed like my personal little secret. I could rummage around the racks and pull out a handful of well made, comfortable and damn near new garments and pay a pittance for them. Tax fucking free. It appealed to me. Over the years, though, it appears that the word is out. I wandered in to my local Goodwill yesterday, and it was mobbed. I literally had to push an old woman aside to get to the orange-tagged items, which were 50% off. I selected a Woolrich shirt (Woolrich!) that cost me $2.50 at the register. $2.50. Oh, my point, sorry. It just seems to me that a good indicator, or barometer for the economy might be the headcount at Goodwill on any given day. There were well-dressed, well groomed people in there picking through the racks in search of bargains. I kinda like it, because we always donate a bunch of old clothing every year, so it has this whole “circle of life” appeal for me. Hakuna Metata, baby. I’m all about Goodwill.

Day three of coerced exercise regime at Chez Coyote. I’m doing 40 minutes a day at 4.3 miles and hours, with an incline of well, number four on our True “Soft System” treadmill. The kids average 15-20 minutes a day, and the Primary Wife is an animal. She always attacks her exercise with a vengeance, and is a born athlete. My glutes hurt.

Anybody want to get some time in with your chainsaw? I have two massive trees down, both of which have pulled their root system out of the ground, and fallen across the creek. I can’t leave them there, as they will catch everything that flows down, and create a dam. I need to saw them from their roots, and attach chains to drag them up to dry ground. I can offer tamales, beer, and firewood. Not to mention fellowship, and the opportunity to feel like a MAN. It humbles me to think that, not long ago, the people that lived on this land cut that shit with hand held, two man saws. Those guys were men.

Quick shout out to Roger Abramson: Why no comments Dude? It seems to me if you are going to take shots at people, (and let me be clear, I don’t think you are unfairly doing so) that a comments section gives them an opportunity to rebut.

S’all I got. Thanks for stopping by.


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13 responses to “One Day, I’ll Get Around To Linking…

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  2. democommie


    I’m glad that NPR watches the debates, so I don’t have to. I haven’t seen a political debate in over twenty years that gave me any genuine insight into the debaters genuine feelings about anything. I think many democratic voters are just tired of having the republican smear machine attack any and all things Clinton and they don’t want another guy like Gore or Kerry who, while they had some expertise in government and genuinely good ideas about doing some things (Gore for sure, Kerry–not quite so sure) had the charisma of lamp posts.

    I do not like or respect Terry McAuliffe. He is extremely good at raising money from corporate contributors but as he proved last time around, he’s got a tin ear for the “street” music.

    Man, if I was nearby I’d give you a hand with the trees, but that’s not the case. I don’t know what species they are, but please make sure they are not good saw logs (walnut, pear, cherry or anything else that might be used for woodworking) before you cut them into stove length. If they are worth anything you might actually be able to do a deal with a lumber mill. Just make sure you get a written agreement that covers any damage they do to your land with a skid steer or other equipment.

  3. nm

    Walnut, pear, cherry? If they fell complete with root systems, I bet they’re hackberries. Rats with leaves, those things.

  4. Yeah, Demo, been that route. I’ve done some business with a local saw mill, so I have lumber stacked everywhere. I actually need firewood, and these trees aren’t suitable for lumber anyway.

    What I like about McAuliffe is his smarts. He absolutely demolished his Republican counterpart in 04 during a debate, it was obvious this guy was brilliant. Also, I was impressed that he once took a call from me, and spent more than a few minutes on the phone helping through a problem I had arranging a fund-raiser. It was for MoveOn, not the Dem Party, and he was cool with it.

  5. NM, the area where they are is steep, and has been undergoing soil erosion for some time. Trees routinely fall across the creek from this area. The drought hasn’t helped, but they fall every year anyway. Also, it is rocky soil, and I think their root systems cannot penetrate the layers of creek rock.

  6. I can run a chainsaw. Of course, I no longer own one. I just like beer and tamales.

  7. I’ve got two, big boy.

  8. I like beer and tamales, too! But I have my doubts as to whether either Sarcastro or Mack would let me near one.

    But, both Sarcastro and Mack are married to nurses, so if I did have beer and tamales and take after a chain saw, I’d be set.

    Score! I’ll be up there next weekend.

  9. W

    I’m a duffer with a chain saw, but I do know something about creek erosion. If it’s a serious problem I might know some people that can help out.

  10. I love Good Will, also we have a St Vincents on the corner. Most of the neighborhood are from the same geography as your ancestors, so there’s usually little competition for the XL stuff.

    All the college gals were using the ellipticals, so I was stuck with the stairclimber yesterday. Today, I’m walking like there are rocks in my shoes.

  11. Next Fri. or Sat. works for me.

  12. …if I did have beer and tamales and take after a chain saw, I’d be set.

    I’ll be there with my video camera!

  13. democommie


    I go to Salvation Army for my LL Bean Sweaters and lots of cassette tapes. I pay $ .99 for a tape (I have a casette player in my pick-up and I have an old Tekniks deck that I can plug into my computer and record the tapes in real time with Magix Audio Lab Cleanup. It does a pretty good job. My visual acuity is about 20% less than it used to be, and I’ve got tinnitus, so the quality is just fine for me.

    Sounds like you’ve got a good contingent of volunteers to help you eat tamales and drink beer (after the trees are disposed of!!). My trusty 18″ Poulan got stuck in a cut when I was cutting down a 70′ or so poplar one afternoon–and the wind came around on me. It leaks chain oil consantly, now, but it still runs great and cuts well.

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