Look Ma! No Links!

What a weird couple of weeks.  Our beautiful 10 yr old mare, Lena, turned up unable to walk out of her pasture down to the catch pen to eat.  Grain is to horses what ice cream is to kids, or Aunt B.  It took me and The Primary Wife several hours to coax her down the hill and into the pen, where she has been ever since.  For those of you who do not know, horses live on their feet, and I mean 99% of their lives.  In short, hoof trouble is life-threatening.  It required multiple visits by an equine vet, and everyday we must pick the dirt out of her hoof, scrape out the dead tissue,and apply a dressing held in place by duct tape.  She always manages to tear it off within a few hours.  We aren’t totally out of the woods yet, but she is walking normally, but I’m afraid we will have to continue this regimen for  weeks to come.

I’m actually car-shopping, and let me tell you, I’m appalled by the state of the car business, still.  A few weeks ago, I launched a car related web-blog devoted  to educating buyers, but I haven’t literally haven’t had time to devote to it.  This experience should motivate me.

Gas prices.  This is a subject about which I can pretty shrill pretty fast.  Dump that gas-guzzler if you can, or be prepared to budget another 25% for fuel, and, hell,  for practically everything.

I took a friend’s wife to breakfast yesterday, and we talked about the economy, and politics.  She is currently out of work, and  truly baffled by the lack of job postings online or in the paper.  We talked about a couple we both know, who has earned well over a hundred grand for a couple of years now, and, yet, has hidden a truck at her house to keep it from being re-possessed.  Seriously, they are broke, and I can’t figure it.  Scares the hell out of me.

The N.Y. Times had better have this one right, thats all I have to say about this for now.

George Clooney is mad sexy.


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22 responses to “Look Ma! No Links!

  1. I keep thinking I need to replace my car with a little car from the late 60s-early 70s. They may not have air bags but they’ll get 36+ mpg and be fun to drive. Convincing the wife, however…

    (post a link to the car blog when it’s up & running)

    Sorry to hear about the mare. It’s not as bad as having a kid that’s sick, but animals are so dependent on us for support that in some ways it’s worse. I think it’s deja vu stagflation all over again.

  2. The Missus

    Yes, Clooney is mad sexy. Did you wake-up on the wrong team this morning?

  3. Lets just say that “Brokeback Mountain” may have set me free. You had better keep a close eye in your own backyard, kiddo. Your man is mad hot too.

  4. George Clooney is mad sexy.

    …and so is Jeff Fisher!

    You’ve got great taste in men, Mack.

  5. Gas prices. This is a subject about which I can pretty shrill pretty fast. Dump that gas-guzzler if you can, or be prepared to budget another 25% for fuel, and, hell, for practically everything.

    I totally agree. Last night my husband was telling me how he wanted a truck. I just laughed at him. Sure, he can have a truck if he wants a tiny little 1987 Nissan or something similar. Problem is, he doesn’t want that, he wants a big, shiny new large sized pickup truck and he ain’t getting it.

  6. Jim, my first car was a Ford Galaxy 500. Unbelievably fast. Got around the same mileage as many cars today, but had like 10,000 horsepower.

    Seems we could have made progress since then. I can watch movies on my cellphone, but our cars still get shitty mileage…

  7. nm

    What on earth happened to the mare? Did she step on a rusty nail or something? She’ll be OK, won’t she?

  8. NM, at first I thought it was a reaction to fescue grass, but the vet ruled that out. Most likely, her hoof was weakened by growing out to far, and she may have stepped on something which punctured it and an infection flared up. long ago, she foundered but she didn’t live here then. She may be prone to this type of thing now, which may fore me to reconsider breeding her again. That makes me sad, i was really hoping for a filly out of her, she has such great bloodlines.

  9. nm

    Damn, that’s scary.

  10. It really is, NM, and it has dominated all of my waking hours. Two summers ago, it was her half brother keeping us up nights. Sigh. Thanks for understanding the seriousness, really.

  11. Mack, did something happen to her during the bad storms that came through?

  12. democommie

    Hi Mack:

    Is your mare suffering from the same sort of thing as that which did in the Derby Winner? I don’t know much about horses (or other animals, except squirrelrats–I’m getting to know way too much about them!!), but I do know a few farriers and they have told me that people really don’t understand how important it is to keep a horse properly groomed (footsies) and shod.

    My Ford Ranger is going on 9 yo and this time of the year gets really crappy milage (18mpg or so, combined). During the summer it gets around 24-25. I’m going to look into buying an older Honda or Yamaha 500 t0 750cc roadbike this spring. I only need my truck when I have to carry stuff other than my cameras and rain gear.

  13. democommie


    My comment about what farriers have told me was not in reference to you. Your posts in the past have made me think you know what you’re doing with your horses.

  14. W

    I hadn’t heard you have a car blog now. What’s the link?

  15. nm

    Mack, I do understand. I was one horse-crazy girl. It sounds like you’re doing what’s best for her, and that’s all you can do.

  16. Ginger, The timing may have just been coincidental. It probably isn’t storm related.

    Demo-I understand what you meant. Our farrier comes regularly, but there are times of the year they go without, since they are turned out all Winter. I have been learning to trim their feet myself.

    Its weird, this type of infection creates caves all through their hoofs, and its challenging to keep them open enough to drain…

    W-its nashvillecarbuyer dot blogspot dot com.
    I hope to move it from a blog format to an Honest to God website, but, I’m, well, kinda stupid about that stuff. Now that I’ve launched it, i feel excited about it, but it is on the back burner until next month.

  17. democommie


    I hesitate to suggest anything to with vetrinary medicine (and you’re probably way ahead of me) but I’ve heard of some horses that were rescued after being held in small, filthy enclosures without having their hooves trimmed for years. Perhaps a large animal rescue facility would have some information about treatments for that sort of case.

  18. he can have a truck if he wants a tiny little 1987 Nissan or something similar

    Ivy, mine’s an 89 Nissan with a long bed and it gets a solid 20 mpg and has for 250K miles (6 cyl.). It’s like a sports car with a really big trunk and a really crappy interior. A set of tires costs more than it’s worth.

    My first car was a 59 ford county squire station wagon. Over 20 feet long, no power steering or brakes and 300% of the weight on the front end. Going around a corner was a trip. Huge engine.

  19. democommie

    Jim Voorhies:

    But did it have a 351 Windsor or a 390 Interceptor?

    My only nearly new car was a 1972 Monte Carlo ( I bought it in 1973). It was a 350ci/245 hp. It probably got 13 mpg, downhill with a tailwind. But it was great iron.

  20. bridgett

    My favorite car of all time was a Ford Galaxie 500 — the one with the round headlights (1964? 1965?). My brother drove one — pale yellow with black vinyl seats — when I can first remember. My first car, though, was a Chevy — same make and model as Betsy’s.

    Yes, the NYT better be right. What a poorly sourced story.

  21. I’m with your friend on the economy, lack of jobs, etc. After four months almost of next to nothing and being that behind on most things except the absolutely-must-pays, I can verify that it truly sucks.

    Finally seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel but I’m not out of the woods yet, and even if this current prospect turns out to be a good deal, it’s going to be months before I can really breathe easy again.

  22. democommie


    Sorry, I missed the bit at the end about the NYT (or I thought it had something to do with the “George Clooney is mad sexy” comment.

    I hope they got it right. I also hope that John McCain’s hubris (and he’s got a boatlaod of it) brings out the attack dogs like Gary Hart’s did. He is relying (I think) on people being afraid to step forward and allow their names to be used. All it takes is for them to love their country more than they fear his wrath. Oh, yes, I have no doubt that there’s some truth in that. The NYT’s standards aren’t, certainly, what they should be but a first year law student could probably tell them that such a story could cause them some pocketbook angst.

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