Privileges Of Rank

Partial list of songs I downloaded onto my son’s Ipod while he was asleep, cuz, you know, I’m like that:

“Silent Lucidity”

“Silent Running”

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

“Like a Star”

“From The Beginning”

“Still, You Turn Me On”

“Comfortably Numb”

I’m just finding stuff I used to really like, um, back in the day. He’ll have to deal.  I still have him by 130 lbs. Hah.



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5 responses to “Privileges Of Rank

  1. democommie


    The few I recognize, good choices all. I think you should do him the service of adding “White Punks On Dope”, Don’t Touch Me There” (Tubes); most of “The Mule Variations” (Tom Waits) and the entire soundtrack from “The Big Lebowski” and “The King Of Comedy”. Then again, perhaps you’d like your child not to grow up to be like ME! There really should be some Townes Van Zandt in there, btw.

  2. If I were your kid and you did that to my iPod… well, we’ll see when he gets to be a teenager.

    Not saying you don’t have good taste too, just saying messing with someone’s iPod (or other player seeing as how I hate Apple) without permission should be a capital crime.

    However – while you’re at it, I think you should put “God Save the Queen” and “Anarchy in the UK” on there. A modern music education MUST include the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, and The Clash, grrr.

  3. I will put some Clash on there, next, since i love them too.

    I’ll consider Tom Waits, too, Demo.

    This is too much fun.

  4. “Silent Lucidity” would be the first freakin’ thing I’d get rid of. 🙂

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