Pulling The Trigger

(I seem to be using gun metaphors quite a bit lately) Perhaps a more accurate title would have been “pressed the button.”

Yesterday, after a meeting in Springfield, I went to vote.  Yup, Edwards decision to drop out finally freed me to pick between two excellent candidates, instead of three.  In the end, I picked Barack Obama.  The deciding factor for me was his stint as a constitutional law professor.  I’m convinced that neither the economy nor the war on terra will matter much if we don’t protect ourselves from those that would seek to gain or keep power by invading our privacy.

I hung on to the hope that Edwards would somehow be able to continue his campaign, even though it was clear that he wasn’t going to be the nominee.  I wanted the issue of workers rights to continue to receive national attention.

The saddest day of my entire life as a U.S. citizen wasn’t 9/11, or JFK’s assassination, or the Oklahoma City bombing.  It was our Government’s criminal indifference to those people stranded in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.  No one besides John Edwards is talking about it.  I can tell  you that after a year of campaigning, I haven’t heard Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton say that their administrations would never again let that happen.

So, tonight I head to an Obama meeting, where presumably I’ll be told what I can do to help.


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17 responses to “Pulling The Trigger

  1. The Missus

    Ditto on Edwards. I hope he has a place in the next administration. I’m interested in your meeting, let me know whats up.

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  3. nm

    Ya know, an attorney general who really was willing to go after polluting corporations, OSHA violations, profiteering on Katrina cleanup contracts, NLRB violations, and the like would be a good person to have. I’m not sure he’s looking for a position in anyone else’s administration, though.

  4. NM, I think The Missus called me and said she heard a rumor that he was looking for just that position. I’m all about it.

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  6. nm

    Really? I thought that I thought that up as a good idea out of my own head. Now I feel so … so … herdlike.

  7. bridgett

    Maybe this will allay your fears about Obama and N.O.:

    He’s a smart guy. I’m hoping if he gets into office that he’ll surround himself with other smart people with a practical bent.

  8. Bridgett rocks. Almost as much as NM.

    Woody, care to chime in here?

  9. democommie

    I’ve become a “Yellow Dog” voter. If there’s a democrat running they get my vote. After about six years of Nixon, eight years of Reagan and 12 years of the Bushits I’ve had enough Reptilican pretendsidents to last the rest of my life. OBama, Ms. Clinton, Mr. Bean–anybody, but another GOParasite.

  10. bridgett

    Almost? ALMOST?

    Hell. Not even close.

  11. nm

    Bridgett doesn’t really rock at all. She’s too uptight to talk about “peoples” in the classroom. QED.

  12. Jon

    Mr. Obama is exciting a lot of people. He has intelligence and charisma. We will see if that is enough to overcome his lack of political experience.

    I think intelligence and leadership ability and the ability to inspire people is enough to overcome inexperience.

  13. Edwards as AG in the next administration is currently a 4-1 favorite.

  14. AG? I truly hope Obama chooses Edwards as his VP. I’d sing all the way to the voting booth for that ticket!

  15. Obama is the only one who can inspire people, it seems to me. I’m gonna pull the same trigger next Tuesday.

  16. woody

    I’m glad you made a decision Mack, so have I. Obama is a great speaker, and inspirational and will probably be a good president if elected. We made diffferent decisions. I feel Hillary Clinton will also make a good president and I have seen her turn people to her who started out against her so I am sure she will lead others to her ideas also. I will not say you are wrong in your decision because you made the choice with your head and heart, the same way I made mine. Good luck to your candidate and I hope you wish mine well also.
    Go Democrats!

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