Conspiracy, or Long Term Business Plan?

The title is a slightly paraphrased line from the movie, “Uncounted, The New Math of American Elections.

Last night, a group of us watched this movie together, and afterward we had a lively discussion about the voting process in this country. I’ll admit, I don’t really want to face the fact that it is not just possible, but quite probable that our vote, the most precious right we have as citizens, is susceptible to electronic fraud. I think many people, including journalists, are wary of being lumped into the lunatic fringe for even daring to suggest that a massive conspiracy to suppress, undercount, or even change our vote existed in 2000 and 2004. How demoralizing is it to think about how many fought and died to give the citizenry this power, only to see it stripped away with a few lines of computer code?  So, by and large, this possibility is seldom reported by the MSM.

All I can say is, go see the movie, decide for yourself. If you were arguing this case in a courtroom, you could credibly point to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence where more direct evidence may not exist.

The Belcourt Theatre will offer two shows on Monday, Feb 4th, at 6:30 and 9:00 pm, and there is Q&A with filmmaker David Earnhardt.


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5 responses to “Conspiracy, or Long Term Business Plan?

  1. democommie


    Glad to see you posting again.

    I am much more cynical than you about this subject. Considering the Delay Gerrymandering situation in Texas as only the latest, visible, instance of some pretty egregious skullduggery by pols/election officials to rig the game I am quite sure that if they can find a way to do it with electrons they will jump at the chance.

    I have serious issues with trusting people in general (I don’t) as a result of some seriously nasty shit that happened when I was quite young. I just act, “as if” in most cases. With politicians, however, of any stripe I fully expect them to never tell the truth if a lie will serve them better. Election fraud is, unfortunately, as American as Mom, Apple Pie and Hondas, Toyotas and Beemers.

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  3. Demo, thanks for still dropping by, I took an unplanned break to help develop a project I’ll tell you about next week.

    The thing is, vote fraud is not a partisan issue. Yes, the current crop of those in power probably view this as the ends justifying the means, but any group in power could do this.

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  5. democommie


    Oh, I’m not saying it is. It’s just that the mostest of it, lately has been by the GOP. I believe it was J. Michael Curley, beloved Mayor of Bahstun, who said, “Vote early, and often.”

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