Hey, I’m Celebrating Over Here

As my potty-mouthed daughter might say, “ITS THE FREAKIN HOLIDAYS!”

Yes, folks, how can I stay blissfully un-engaged and enjoy the Holidays with you people writing about all this heavy stuff?

I kid, but just a little. All are good reads, and I hope all are re-posted after the Holidays.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna spark one and enjoy the arrival of the New Year, rest assured I’m thinking about my friends and family, and how lucky I am to have them.


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4 responses to “Hey, I’m Celebrating Over Here

  1. I hear ya! I’m trying to get my own, personal sheite together and gear up for a POSITIVE 2008…it’s gotta be, cuz ’07 was the Year of the Suck in many ways.

    Therefore, I’m skimming blogs but not reading too much of the negative for now…maybe it’s so I can store up a lot of positive energy for when the storms start raging again…

    Anyhoo…I’m looking forward to your guitar solo. 😉

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  3. Which is why I posted a light and uninteresting blog item today. Can’t devote the mental energy to something like the New York Times hiring Bill (Always Wrong About Everything) Kristol or Bush deciding the Senate’s pro forma sessions don’t count just cause he’s the decider and all.

    You know, heavy stuff like that makes my head hurt.

  4. Yeah, I wonder where she got that potty mouth from…. 😉

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