Read This While I Ponder My Resolutions

The kids are excited.  I’m even a little excited.  Lots of stuff happening as Christmas approaches, and of course afterwards one of my best friends is getting married.  I’ve booked what is arguably the best band in nashville to perform at the reception, and they have promised to learn a bunch of songs for the occasion.  (I think my friends were supposed to send the band their requests, but since they didn’t, I did.)  (I’m actually looking forward to hearing Ginger do Lil Kim) Seriously, I am excited for these two people, otherwise theres no way I’d don a tuxedo.

I have checked in with friends who don’t live nearby, most are fine, but there is one who has a little too much to deal with right now, so without embarrassing her I will say that many good people here are thinking of her, and wish her nothing but luck.

The girl who sold us Buddy has by now returned from her trip to Australia.  I can’t wait to hear about her and her sister’s experiences, they went on a work exchange program to a horse ranch.

For Christmas, I re-did the underpinning on the cabin.  I built a frame, attached Hardi-backer, and then mortared rock to the face of it.  I had never done this before.  Its amazing how much your hands hurt when covered in wet mortar on a 32 degree day.  Also, spending that much time with your knees pressed into the cold ground had me walking crab-like for awhile.  I’d include a pic but I absolutely HATE the hoops you have to jump through in WordPress to do so.

Supermousey had her Christmas show with her school band, and they did great, and you should have heard the Middle School Choir!  Impressive.  Her and her brother are doing their best not to touch or even look at the presents under the tree, but you can plainly see they are excited.  I keep telling them I caught a sale on Dora The Explora stuff.

There is much to rant on about, especially in politics, but I believe I’ll refrain until after the Holidays.  In the big picture, little about this matters.

I drank too much Scotch last night.  I’ve taken to drinking it like they do on Deadwood, where it is served neat.  Apparently, I went upstairs to play video games with EggNog and wound up shouting “Take that, bitches!” at the top of my lungs.  Sigh.



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11 responses to “Read This While I Ponder My Resolutions

  1. If you promise to not make me sing Lil’ Kim, I promise not to wear this outfit that night.

  2. nm

    Mack’s first resolution: not to hire singers who (unlike Ginger) don’t know how to dress.

  3. Hey, now, that’s what I’m wearing right now. Is there something wrong with that? Is it because the purple doesn’t go with my eyes?

  4. nm

    It goes with your eyes just fine. But it clashes with the boob freckle something awful. Look, I’m sorry. But someone had to tell you. You can exchange that for something in blue, right?

  5. Ginger hijacked my thread.

  6. Excellent! My work here is done.

  7. Ginger, I applaud you hijacking this thread. Good job.

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  9. GiG

    I hope you and the family are enjoying a wonderful, magical Christmas.

  10. democommie


    Happy Holidays.

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