I’m Almost Trembling Here

I have been waiting to see this bout for a long time.  I have purposely avoided any sports shows, and I tossed out the sports section of any newspapers.  Tonight is Hatton vs Mayweather.  At 9:15 tonight.  Don’t call me.  I don’t know who won, and I don’t want to know until I watch this fight.  I really like Hatton, he (like most boxers) has a compelling story, and he is a scrappy fighter that has no quit in him.  Mayweather is awesome, I like him despite his overabundance of bluster.  He has amazing skills, and I’m giving the edge to him, because he should score more if he stays away from Hatton and uses the ring properly.  Watch his hand speed, and watch his feet.

Regardless of who wins, this fight will be good for the sport of boxing.



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11 responses to “I’m Almost Trembling Here

  1. You are much stronger than I am. There is no way I could have waited that long or avoided sports news that much. I didn’t see it but heard it was a great fight.

  2. “Sport of boxing.”

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    I don’t think you can be a sport and be an event where people are encouraged to punch each other in the head.

  3. Really? In football, (which I’m sure you consider a sport) the object may be to score points by moving the ball into the end zone, but the process is still quite brutal. People have died playing football. Boxing, probably more than any sport, requires unbelievable training discipline, and you are not required to punch your opponent’s head whatsoever. You just have to score more points, with body blows or yes, jabs to the head. There are rules, and there is a ref who enforces those rules, and also considers the health of the boxers by monitoring their performance. I’ve never understood how horseracing is considered a sport, fwiw.

  4. She’s a girly-girl, Mack. Don’t expect her to understand boxing.

  5. I wouldn’t be so quick to take his side, Ex. You should have heard him dogging on the martial arts today while we were rewatching this fight. I can’t remember what he likened it to. Sychronized swimming, I think.

  6. That’s his ethnocentrism shining through. How many hispanics do you see in boxing compared to mixed martial arts.*

    *excepting Brazilian ju-jitsu

  7. You mean capoeira? Or is there something different? I watch those two dudes who go around learning all the different martial arts styles, and one of them is a Brazilian ju-jitsu guy, but I haven’t been able to ascertain from that show if there’s any music involved or not.

  8. Are Brazilians even considered hispanic?

  9. nm

    Well, Roman Hispania included what today is Portugal, but the province most closely following the obundaries of modern Portugal was Lusitania, so some folks distinguish between Hispano-Americans, Hispano-Caribbeans, etc., and Lusitano-Americans, Lusitano-Caribbeans, etc. It all depends.

  10. Fercryinoutloud. Long before there was Bruce Lee, or Jet-li, or Chuck Norris, there was:

    Eduardo “Fast Hands” Fernandez

    Jorge “The Crotch Kicker” Gonzales

    Manny “The Flying Donkey” Dominguez

    We invented this shit.

  11. I’m betting Ole Jorge was always the least popular man wherever he went!

    But Manny! Oh how the women loved Manny. I recall the songs the women of my village taught me about Manny, songs not fit for sharing in public, but believe me, when I actually saw my first naked man, after hearing of Manny and his size and skills, I was sorely disappointed.


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