Garden Of Eden State

Congratulations to Tennessee Dude over at “True Peace Is The Presence of Justice”.

I know I should also extend congratulations to the New Jersey State Assembly, and I do, but I admire those who devote time and energy to a worthy cause.  When you actually come away with a win, is feels great.  (Hey, I’m a Democrat, I almost can’t remember what a win feels like. ) This is a great victory for the people of New Jersey, and indeed the entire country, even if most don’t realize it yet.  We’re evolving!  Yippee!


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2 responses to “Garden Of Eden State

  1. *Cheers & Applause! Cheers & Applause!*

    Be assured that the hippie lawyers are working hard toward that end in Tennessee.

  2. nm

    I’m so proud of NJ. But my friend in the capital defender’s office there is gonna have to get a new job.

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