Fighting “Them” Over Here

Who would have thought that the biggest danger Jamie Leigh Jones faced when she was assigned to work in Iraq would be her own co-workers?  Apparently, she was housed with or nearby some of KBR’s best and brightest, some of whom, with the knowledge that they enjoyed total immunity from U.S. law, gang-raped her.  She asserts that she was drugged, then vaginally and anally raped and suffered physical and emotional injury.  She was then placed in a cargo container outfitted with a bed, placed under guard, and told she would be out of a job if she reported the attack.  Only after a sympathetic guard lent her his phone, was she able to reach her father, who contacted his Congressperson and informed him that his daughter was being held.  The Congressman, Ted Poe (R) Texas, said this to ABC news:

“We contacted the State Department first,” Poe told, “and told them of the urgency of rescuing an American citizen” — from her American employer.

Poe says his office contacted the State Department, which quickly dispatched agents from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to Jones’ camp, where they rescued her from the container.

I’ve highlighted that in bold font for a reason.  Rescuing an American citizen from her AMERICAN employer?

The article goes on to explain that this woman has little or no legal recourse, so she has filed a civil suit in an effort to have her day in court, though KBR has asserted that her “contract” requires her to go through arbitration rather than open court.   

I’m sitting here wondering if there was anything in her contract that made her aware that if her co-workers decided to throw a rape-party, she was fair game.  Does KBR have some fiduciary responsibility to Ms. Jones?  I think so.  I think there had better be some justice served on her behalf over at the former Halliburton subsidiary.

NOTE:  I was unable to find in the article anything that indicates the citizenship of the alleged attackers.  It doesn’t really matter, but its curious that KBR would insist on arbitration.  All I know is that our lawmakers are cowards if they don’t immediately withdraw the provision of immunity from paid “contractors.”

You listening, Bart?  How about you, Jim?


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10 responses to “Fighting “Them” Over Here

  1. I read an article about this last night, talking about how, basically, because of how we have things set up in Iraq and that these people aren’t in the military (and thus covered by martial law), there seems to be a gigantic loophole that prevents them from being prosecuted. They aren’t governed by Iraqi law and they are outside the jurisdiction of U.S. law.

    It’s very scary.

    I wonder what’s happened to the guard who gave her the phone.

  2. Good question. This story needs to be kept out front for as long as possible. Sadly, even when people walk into malls spraying bullets around, it dominates the news cycle for about 15 minutes, then, poof!

    Like it never happened.

  3. Yeah, this seems like a pretty easy one to prosecute, considering she has the doctor who examined her and the sympathetic guard as witnesses.
    Plus, with the doctor’s testimony, maybe the amazing, vanishing rape kit might re-appear.

    I read a similar story a while back about crimes that happen on cruise ships, including rape. Since you are in international waters, you depend on the cruiseline to help out, and it typically lies to the victims and brushes it under the rug.

  4. democommie


    I heard about this at the General’s place. How far will we, as a people, let this nation’s morals degrade before we cry, “ENOUGH”. This crime is horrid in its own right; but it pales in comparison to the senseless killings being carried out in this country’s name in Iraq. KBR, Blackwater and the rest of the “consultants” and “contractors” employed by the US as virtual shadow armies are thugs and thieves.

  5. Are you listening Bart?

    So, you want Bart Durham to sue KBR?

    Jamie Jones Fights Back!

  6. And there are some dumbasses around here that still want to work for these companies.

  7. democommie


    What I am surprised about is that KBR hasn’t trotted out a group of witnesses to say that she was acting irrationally, looking for a “good time” or taking advantage of her position to pick up a few extra bucks.

    I did hear a little about this on Public Radio– Canadian Public Radio–“As It Happens” a news roundup/talk which I get up here in the frozen north of Central NY. The program’s anchor was talking to Rep. Poe who was somewhat reticent about details. It appears that he is quite pissed off about getting stiffed by State and KBR both. KBR was apparently given the “Rape Kit” by whoever had it–and promptly lost it. Go figure.

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