$162.39 A Week

Can anyone tell me what fictional character had that salary?  The winner will be awarded a hand crocheted afghan from Aunt B. (After she’s finished mine) Bonus points if you are under 30.  My moneys on NM. (No fair Googling it)

Read this morning that CompUSA is closing all of it’s stores after the Holidays.  How much you willing to bet that they didn’t want that info out there during December? I recently went into one of their stores last week, in Cool Springs.  It is no wonder they are closing.  It was so poorly laid out, I never did find the mp3 section.  No employee ever came close to me. The article seems to say they had too many eggs in the home computer basket.  Whatever, an experience that impersonal made me vow to never return.

The thread over at MCB regarding Romney’s speech has turned ugly and its the usual suspects.  Pity.

My kids had a melt-down last night after I went to bed, and so I need to punish them today.  I’m thinking of “no computer time this weekend”, which is a fate worse than death for them.  I hate to punish so long after the fact, but I can’t totally let it go, it wouldn’t be fair.

Since its warm, I’ll be outside working most of the day, but damn its soggy on the ground.

Y’all have a great weekend.



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7 responses to “$162.39 A Week

  1. Whew, thank god I’m going to win this, because I could use a snazzy new hand-died afghan.

    I believe the answer is Virgil Tibbs.

    I can’t believe you had any trouble with your kids last night. It seems like there was a Reba marathon on. I’d think that’d keep one of them fixated on the television.

    Oh, was it a fight over Reba?

    Now I’m understanding.

  2. You totally Googled that.

  3. nm

    Well, if she did that’s good, because I sure didn’t know. I gotta admit that I don’t remember him discussing his salary, only his job.

  4. I was forced to cheat. If someone else would have won, I would have had to make them an afghan.

    So, yes, I googled it.

    I admit it.

  5. MACK JR

    again another worthless article, get a j—o—-b, your a bum. read one article how you beat someone up your sorry ass couldn’t beat your way out of a wet paper bag.. no off to the home depot

  6. A new reader! Thanks for stopping by, Jr!

  7. My moneys on NM. (No fair Googling it)

    I tried to Google it and got bubkus.

    Mack, Atrios says he’s got the stupidest trolls on the internets but yours can’t even spell. I think you win the award on that score.

    I saw that CompUSA is closing. I’m waiting for one of our conservative friends to point out that they are owned by a Mexican company. Maybe they don’t have any Google-fu over at the end of the political spectrum.

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