Fearing The Winds Of Change

Looks like we have two new leaders in Iowa.

The Liberal optimist in me loves this. No, I haven’t “endorsed” a single candidate as of yet, but I can’t help but smile at both Obama’s and Huckabee’s success. It makes me wonder if, somewhere in the voter’s subconscious, these two represent real change, and I think most Americans are tired of the status quo. (Or are they? Yesterday, I read that it will be impossible to implement any viable health care plan if it forces those that already have it to give it up. ) While I believe that most people (on the left) will tell you that the war in Iraq and a pending war with Iran is motivating their choice, I still believe that Katrina played a huge role in the Mid-Term elections, and could do so again in the next General Election. For years, Liberals and Democrats have been pounding on the Bush administration for crony ism and ineptness, but I think the average American didn’t “get” what this could mean to him or to her, and their families. Watching fellow Americans suffer for days while members of this administration shopped, strummed guitars, or attended lavish dinners really drove the point home. That said, the future of our foreign policy is probably what is driving the polls today. Either way, I believe the American public is the big winner here.

On the other hand, The Tired Old Cynic in me is fearful. Not of these two candidates, though they both have positions I don’t care for. No, I am fearful of how our corporate driven press will react to a possible Obama/Huckabee match-up. We have seen the debates manipulated to enhance or even force conflict for ratings sake. I’m somewhat shocked that they barely attempt to conceal this. In the run up to the last Democratic debate, “reporter” after “reporter” harped on about how much candidate A must “go after” candidate B, then damn if they didn’t force their hand with the FIRST question. It will probably only get worse. If I’m right, the real losers will be the American Public.

Its no secret that I am a Liberal, and that I will spend money and time to support whomever is the Democratic candidate. However, Huckabee is a mystery to me, though I find him likable in a way I never could with Giuliani, Romney, or The Actor. Even with an Iowa win, I find it doubtful that Huckabee will raise enough money to seriously challenge those three in other States. But his position on the bottom of a ticket scares the hell out me. A Democratic comparison would be Richardson, another former Governor that many people know little about. We shall see. I’ve paid little attention to the races thus far, but we are coming up on January, and, well, its time.



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8 responses to “Fearing The Winds Of Change

  1. Mack, have you read this:

    I don’t know. Huckabee seems like a nice guy, but I have to say that some of this makes me scratch my head and concerns me. I’m with you, I will spend time and some dough on getting a democrat in office. I also can’t help but think that the situation on Friday with Clinton’s campaign office might give her some momentum as the polls couldn’t have taken the into consideration over the weekend.

    I haven’t picked a candidate either. I’m still mired in the trenches on who I like and who is electable on the Democratic Ticket.

  2. Coma, don’t misunderstand, I don’t care for most of his positions, but I’m wondering if he at least understands the difference between his personal beliefs, and what the next President will do once elected. Perhaps he isn’t inclined to push a religious agenda, even though he’d like to. Like i said, he’s a bit of a mystery. I’ll read that link, and thanks.

  3. The Missus

    Don’t fall for the ruse, even if Huckabee doesn’t want to inflict his personal beliefs, on the rest of us (I don’t buy it), once the far right get through with him…who knows what he might become. Anyway Romney or Rudy would be foolish not to put him in VP slot. The Tired old Cynic is there for a reason Rudy/Huckabee, yikes!
    I wish I could fall in luv with a Dem candidate.. It was 3am, I was drunk&ready, just me & Obama, he fell asleep.

  4. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that. I think right now is very interesting in politics. I keep watching Ron Paul, Huckabee, Kucinich and then the frontrunners.
    I’ve even been laughing at Rudy “Sex On The City” Guiliani scandal.

    I feel that there are two schools of thought for me going on. A.) Watching everything with bemusement and worry from an analytical perspective (worry because I sure as hell don’t want another Bush in office), and B.) That, like the missus said, I’m not in love with anybody.
    Quite honestly, if Al Gore had run again, you’d see it all over my blog. I dig Gore, but he wants to be energy czar. That’s more important these days than president in his book, imho.

  5. Frank Rich’s column today is excellent, if anyone is interested. Kind of points out how false the whole “Hillary is inevitable” meme is.

  6. Coma, I’m with you on the Gore thing. Liked him immediately.

  7. democommie

    Mr. Mack:

    Huckabee is way too cozy with the fundies for me. And he has said some things that make me wonder if he wouldn’t simply push harder than the Idiot-in-Chief has on all his “faith biased initiatives”. He says he doesn’t believe in evolution; that, from an educated man is just plain troubling.

    Obama is, all of a sudden, suspiciously macho. He sounds as if he’s afraid to just say that war, as some long dead EWG declared, is a failure of diplomacy.

    Ron Paul is alarmingly disingenuous about his well documented past.

    Giuliani and the rest of the Reptilicans are trying to out-balls one another while at the same time trying to outpray one another. Rudy is just a scummy little man.

    I really, really dislike Hillary, but I would vote for Beelzebub if he were running against the GOP.

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