Your Moment Of Zen

Yesterday, after panicking over where to have this wedding, I got to thinking about a place I knew about, but I had only been there twice for an early drink with friends.  The place is called the Zen Restaurant, and it used to be a Pargos, which was poorly run and eventually closed.  Now, it has been renovated and doesn’t even look like the same building on the inside.  I met the Owner and we talked for about an hour and eventually settled on a fair price on the reception.  I was so impressed with him that I felt compelled to tell y’all about it.  Like me, he took over a closed chain restaurant, remodeled, and made a successful business out of it.  He has no corporation behind him, he spent his own money, and he spends upwards of 70 hours a week running it.  Few people have the balls to do this in the restaurant/bar business anymore.  I just wanted to say that he made himself available almost immediately, and was eager to help us get this event planned.  If you are ever anywhere near the Rivergate area, stop by, try out his menu, or perhaps go late and enjoy the music and dancing.  I know I wish him and his crew nothing but success.



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6 responses to “Your Moment Of Zen

  1. The Missus

    I just assumed Zen was a chain, new to the area.
    You are being kind to Pargo’s. Glad to hear you got reception taken care of so quickly.

  2. We’ve driven by several times and seen their billboard.

    What kind of food do they serve? It sticks in my mind that it’s asian fusion…

  3. OH GOOD GOD!!!

    If you talk to the guy again, please have him take the music off his website.

    All I can say is “thank God I work from home” because one click on the Zen Bar & Grill website and I’m drowning in some kind of VERY EXTREMELY LOUD music.

  4. Well Mack, I’m glad it worked out for you and the happy couple! I’m still dubious about the band, though. December is the busiest month of the season and they’re not booked? I’m suspicious.

    Better make sure there’s ample alcohol to drown out the off-key singer!


  5. Heeeyyyy! SoBeale, it just so happens that the band Slarti & I are in does cover tunes (and we can be cheezy as you want us to be…after all, I’m in it, right? 😉 ) but we don’t do regular gigs (we’re a bunch of middle aged parents with other responsibilities and we do this for fun) so I think it just may work out for a large blogger connection at this shindig. We shall see…

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