Cheap, Not Chic

A very close friend of mine has decided to get married.  I could write 10,000 paragraphs as to why I think this is (for him, and yes, for her) a monumentally stupid idea, but not without invading their privacy.  I only offer that as a disclaimer because it will be evident to you readers that their impulsiveness is just the tip of the bad idea iceberg.  Anyway, I love these people, so I am asking for help from the internets about this wedding.  Naturally, money is a major concern.  Long ago, when they approached me about holding the wedding here, I was more than willing to offer the property, and even build a small “chapel” and rent the tents and chairs for them.  However, December seems like a bad time to do this.  So, we need an affordable place to hold both the ceremony and the reception, and I need a band with a sense of humor that will do this gig relatively cheaply.  (More than I can convey here, I want a very cheesy cover band ala the “Wedding Singer”)

I called two friends last night when I got the news, but got their voicemail and left a hurried, cryptic message that one of them thought meant i was mad at them.  I wasn’t.  I was excited (reservations about the event notwithstanding) and wanted advice.

So, any ideas?  I may have to fly Magniloquence out here to help…



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15 responses to “Cheap, Not Chic

  1. The Missus

    From what I’ve read of Mag, I think she could pull anything together, great first step.

  2. Nice try, Missus. I’ll get you involved real soon….

  3. Lesley

    What’s the date? I know someone who could probably put together a cheap cover band for you. Email me the deets.

  4. Lesley! Do i have your email?

  5. nm

    I could refer to to some good bands, but I don’t know any cheesy ones.

  6. Never fear, my friend…I’m all over the cheesy cover band… 😉

  7. Hee! I’d love to fly on back and help with a wedding. I haven’t gotten to plan one in ages.

  8. Oh, and what have they already done? I can think of a number of cost-saving things to do, but it really helps to have an idea of what they’ve already paid for/committed to.

  9. It’s in December? THIS December? Like, 3 weeks December? Sorry, I can’t help you. It’s really hard to plan a wedding at the last minute. Most weddings are planned a year in advance.

    Mr. Beale and I got married at Cheekwood and we had to reserve the Wysteria Arbor 8 months ahead of time. I have to say, ours was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen, but then, I’m partial.

    Anyway, because of this, I’d say booking a public location is probably going to be hard to pull off, even if they can find a cheap one. They will do better finding a private home (like yours — sorry, buddy!).

    Also, I think they will have a hard time booking a band. Between holiday parties and other weddings, I’d say any decent band is going to be booked up already.

  10. Shows how much YOU know, kiddo. Found them a place, negotiated a great per head price, and i may have the band booked already. I am a logistical genius. So, theres that.

    mag, feel free to stay your ass at home now.


  11. nm

    All the effort she put into starting to think about cost-saving measures, and she isn’t even invited?

  12. I winked, didn’t I? Boy, NM, nobody keeps me honest like you.

  13. nm

    I know, I know, I’m a crab recently. It’s the weather or something. And I see that you did indeed wink, and not just grin. So I take it all back. There, are you happy?

  14. Lesley

    Well, oops. I thought the comment would send you my email address. I have many to choose from if you’re still looking for entertainment. One is lesleyeats at gmail dot com.

    Congrats on finding the venue!

  15. I am a logistical genius. So, theres that.

    It also helps to have friends in low places (who are always happy to help!). 😉

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