I Can’t Help My Commie Leanings

OK, I’m wondering about something.  Do you have kids that have, or will have a gaming console?  If so, wouldn’t it be nice to have a network of people you knew that had the same system, so you could trade out games?  I’m shocked at the prices on these kid’s games.  49-99 dollars seems the average, and, well, how many games can you afford?  Like most families, this year will be lean with respect to the Christmas budget.  My kids are still young enough that we enjoy splurging a little for them, but I’d like to know if there is merit to the idea of sharing games, either with friends, or through some enterprise you join, and pay a small fee.  Does this exist?  I’m going to ask my friends what system they have, and float this idea out there, particularly if they are purchasing a new system this year.  I need to get Ivy on this, she’ll know…



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12 responses to “I Can’t Help My Commie Leanings

  1. I don’t know anyone who is using it, but there is Gamefly – http://www.gamefly.com/

  2. You turkey-frying commie,
    Can you still not get games at the Great Escape for mondo cheap?

  3. You can also rent games from Blockbuster to try ’em out first.

  4. democommie


    If you’re truly a commie, take a hint from Abbie Hoffman and steal the game! I don’t got no kids and my many grandnieces and nephews are mostly toddlers, but I don’t get the whole video game thing. Why can’t they just blog?

  5. Why can’t they just blog?

    OK, that made me laugh out loud.

  6. I’m with Ivy right now…she says that Gamefly is the way to go. She will send you an invite to join, and if she gets 5 people to join with her, she will get a Nintendo DS. Also, she owns more games than Blockbuster that you can borrow anytime. She has a PS2, PSP, DS, Gameboy, & is getting a Wii soon.

    …or y’all are welcome to borrow my Ms. Pacman/Galaga Plug-n-Play anytime! lololol

  7. nm

    I have some old Infocom games for Windows 98 that I would gladly share. They’re oh so better than all that video stuff.

  8. Yep, what Ginger said. I have a shitload of games at my house, although I must admit most of them are rated “Adult” or whatever the game rating is for the GTA type games. But I do have a heck of a lot of racing games and stuff that are rated “E”.

    I adore Gamefly. I’ve been using it for over a year now and have recently upgraded to have 2 games out at once. When you have several people playing on several platforms, it’s a good way to go. However, I think the one game at a time may suit you better at first. They have a fast, fast turnaround, I am usually gameless for about 2 days while I’m mailing mine in and getting one in return.

    I have been incredibly happy with them and their customer service.

    Oh, I also have a GameCube, but not a whole lot of games for that one. Most of my games are DS, GBA, and PS2.

  9. Cyn_NY

    Hey, Mack. Always the innovator, huh? You just can’t help pushing that envelope, right?

    The KA blog has been overtaken by trolls, so thought I would check out some of my old friends.

    Actually I think you have a great idea. If you decide to go in your original direction, I’ll hook you up with my daughter and my little sista. They both have kids that have these gaming thangs. However, you have to promise you won’t hit in them.

    In the alternative, try eBay.

    Miss ya.


  10. Cyn_NY

    Ah, that would be hit “on” them. To think of the other is just too much…..

    Off to Jenny’s blog.

  11. bridgett

    Iowa City had a great toy library that served the public good in just that way. Toys and games for kids from 3 months to about 16 years old. Sounds like places around Nashville are ready for this model.

  12. Wow, thanks for the info, guys!

    Good to see ya, Cyn.

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