Upset Pick of The Day

Buffalo over the Patriots. Bet the ranch.

Updated:  Ok, We’ll double down next week.  ♥



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23 responses to “Upset Pick of The Day

  1. Are you betting your? 🙂

  2. Yours, rather.


  3. democommie

    Per your post about clicking guns the other day, those people who beef up the soundtracks are “Foley” techs. I don’t think it’s ever their idea, they just follow the screenplay.

    I think you’re wrong on the Bills/Pats thing.

  4. hahahahaha! I was just getting on here to ask when you’ll be moving off the farm…


  5. I said the “the ranch”, not the farm.

  6. Technicality, ha. You oughta be a lawyer.

  7. democommie


    I am a long suffering Patriots fan and it’s been a fairly nice ride on the victory float. I never thought I would see the day when other teams (or that whining douchebag, Don Shula) would piss and moan about the Patsies running up the score. Odd, how none of them mentioned it when the Bears trounced the Pats in that long ago Super Bowl.

  8. whining douchebag, Don Shula

    Hey, HEEEEY! Easy now! Them’s fightin’ words!


  9. democommie


    Sorry, but Don Shula used to sit on the rules committee and made sure that he did whatever he could to give his teams an advantage. Dan Marino, as great a quarterback as he was, used to throw the ball into another zipcode instead of tucking it and taking a sack. IF, and I say, IF the Pats should win out (and that means Eastern Division, AFC and SuperBowl games, a lame comment by Mr. Dolphins is going to sound even more like sour grapes than it does already. I don’t know much about Bill Belicheck (other than that his teams have been pretty good, of late) but he’s shown a bit more class in all of this than Shula.

  10. bridgett

    Except for that spying bit. That wasn’t so classy. But everything else, top shelf.

  11. Bah! Don Shula is *still* the only coach to ever take an NFL team undefeated. He’s earned the right to have an opinion!

  12. democommie


    He has the right to an opinion, just like everyone else does. But to make a statement like the one he did– that the Pat’s, should they win out, would have an * next to their name is just plain sour grapes. Meanwhile his former team is heading for a record of a different sort.

    What Mr. Shula did is much like what Alex “Mr. AWOL in October” did when he had his agent announce during game 4 of the World Series between Boston and Denver that he would not be playing for the Yankees next year (curiously enough, it appears to have been a ploy to get more money from George (the other crazy one) Steinbrenner. Getting his own name in the news cycle at the expense of someone else. Clever? very; “classy”? not so much.


    I’m not sure if that’s snark or not. The “spying bit” was seized on by the NFL’s top brass to send a message to everybody about that sort of behavior. I won’t excuse it, nor do I recollect that Belicheck appealed it or spent a lot of time pissing and moaning about it.

  13. shorter season.

    Still, undefeated.

    But to make a statement like the one he did– that the Pat’s, should they win out, would have an * next to their name is just plain sour grapes.

    I agree that the Pats should and probably will have an asterisk by their name due to their videotaping escapades. You say you won’t excuse it, but then you blame others for bringing it up? Sounds like you’re the one with the sour grapes in your mouth.

    Meanwhile his former team is heading for a record of a different sort.

    Key word there being “former.”

    Shula proved himself 30 years ago…he has no need to put his name in the “news cycle”…he’s well past that stage in his life. Get over it.

  14. Many changes in the game since Shula’s day. It doesn’t stack up against modern football. Yes, it was a hell of an accomplishment then, and Shula has a right to be proud, but the taping of defensive signals will not produce an asterisk next to the Pat’s name if they go undefeated, or, if they win the Super Bowl. I don’t care for belichek, never have, but his players are performing at a level like I’ve never seen in 45 years of watching football. It will be their season, their victories, and their records.

  15. Hee, you said “45 years of watching football.” I have never done anything for 45 years. Did the cameras even move back then or did you just have to watch a ten yard swatch of field and wait for the teams to move back across it?

  16. Well, you had multiple camera angles even back then. Nowhere near the production levels you get these days, though. Lots of shots of huddles and wide shots of the entire field. I remember how excited they were when they mounted a camera on the Goodyear blimp.

    Of course, back then, no instant replay. The horror.

  17. The Goodyear blimp used to be based at the airport right by my house in Miami. We used to get excited to watch it take off and land. It was cool.

    So back in your day, did they have to use prisoners to peddle fast in order to power up the cameras?

  18. Feel free, Ginger and B, to eat all you like tomorrow. I promise the food will not contain poison or anything…

  19. We’ll just let your kids eat first and whatever doesn’t kill them, we’ll indulge in.

  20. democommie


    I didn’t blame anyone for bringing it up. It’s pretty much an open secret that cheating goes on at every level of sports. Belichek got caught (rather a couple of his staffers did) and he got a pretty severe fine, not exactly a slap on the wrist.

    I’ve never liked Don Shula, so this is not a recent thing, for me to be disdainful of him. I stand by what I said. It is, of course, perfectly fine with me if you like him.

    Mr. Mack:

    I see Belichek like a lot of people saw Tom Landry–sort of a bloodless managerial drone. I can tell you that he is definitely the best coach the team has ever had.

  21. Oh alright. Every football expert (well, expert compared to me-which doesn’t take a whole lot) I have asked this has agreed that it was different back then and so we’ve got an entirely different standard now. So I will concede my hard-headedness on that one.

    I still like Shula, though. And he’s an old man…all old men whine…right, Mack? 😉

  22. democommie


    Yes, we do whine.


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