Whew, I Think This Beats Trying To Thread That Camel

Quite a story here.

Somebody anonymously bestowed a mountain of money on various charities in a town suffering from a severe economic downturn.  The local homeless shelter, which had never seen a donation larger than 25k, (itself a remarkable gift) will receive 2 million.  I fight the urge to let myself get irritated when I read about wealthy people leaving millions to universities and hospitals, when there is so much money needed at the street level, so this story made me smile this morning.

I also found it interesting that a few of the recipients opted out of attempts to identify the donor.  Some said it would be disrespectful to even try.  I think I agree.  The whole thing reminded me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry “anonymously” donated money to a cause, only to be miffed that he received no accolades for doing it.

Nashville seems to be chock-full of biblical scholars, but I was surprised to read that the “through the eye of a needle” aphorism has it’s roots in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. 

This slightly comforts me, I have no idea why.



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3 responses to “Whew, I Think This Beats Trying To Thread That Camel

  1. nm

    Wow, that’s a wonderful action. Anonymous gifts (for which the donor gets only the satisfaction of having acted rightly, and for which the recipient need feel no personal dependence/humiliation) are considered a much higher form of giving than public gifts in the Jewish tradition. It’s very admirable, and (sadly) very, very rare.

  2. Thats a mitzvah, right?

  3. nm

    Well, a ‘mitzvah’ is literally a commandment. Figuratively, it’s any right action (or any refraining from wrong action). The mitzvah of giving/acting charitably, though, is figuratively called ‘tzedakah’, which literally means ‘justice’.

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