Attention Soundmen, or Whatever They Are Called, Plus Randomness!

Please, stop this insane practice of making guns click when they are drawn or brandished.  For some reason, (I suppose its for dramatic effect) in every TV show and movie where guns are displayed, there is always this noise like someone is chambering a round.  Try this at home.  Your gun, no matter how many times you draw it from a holster or your waistband, will make no noise when you pull it out and point it.  Sure, if you pull the hammer back, you will hear a faint click, but I have seen movies, lots of them, where some guy has already pulled the gun, cocked it, and is just redirecting his aim or trying to be more menacing with it, and damn, if it doesn’t click and sound like it is almost alive when they do so.  Its stupid.

Someone is going to make a fortune when he/she invents a way to unroll barbed-wire quickly and safely.  Until then, i will continue to leave little bits of myself sprinkled around the property.

My yearling was standing in the back pasture, grazing as usual, when several deer approached him.  He stood there, even after the babies decided to run at him full speed, then turn and dart away at the last moment.  I mean they came within 3 feet of him, or less.  They kept at it, and he just stood there, I swear, with the most bewildered look a horse can muster.  I laughed so hard I finally scared the deer away.  Funniest thing I’ve ever seen here.  Ever.

Tony Romo reminds me of Joe Montana.  Not a great runner, but quick feet, and a great ability to see the whole field, and his release looks identical.  In fact, I’m seeing Montana/Rice when I see Romo/Owens.  Great fun.  Never thought I’d root for the Cowboys, but they and the Packers are the only teams with a chance to beat the Colts or the Pats.  Defenses are starting to tire….and everybody’s run game should improve, which might explain the fact that the Pack rushed for over 100 yards against the Vikings.



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2 responses to “Attention Soundmen, or Whatever They Are Called, Plus Randomness!

  1. More worser is when they dub in the sound of the hammer clicking on a semi-auto when the magazine is empty or when the weapon is on safe.

  2. My problem is with the dramatic pumping of a shotgun just before rushing in.
    “You didn’t chamber a round until now?”

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