The “B” Stands For Baby


Ok, Aunt B is out of surgery, and should go home later today. Oh my God, you should have seen her. She was all gaa gaa over her surgeon, and was strangely quiet whenever he was nearby. However, after he had done his thing, I found being rolled around the corridors because none of the nurses wanted her in their station. She bitched because there were no M&M’s, she whined at the fact that the Hospital didn’t see fit to stock in Diet Dr. Pepper for her post-surgery recovery process. I was embarrassed. I’ll let her fill everyone in on what the procedure means, medically speaking. She was in a good mood, really, just couldn’t get past the idea that her cuteness couldn’t help her in that particular setting. I wanted to stay and snap a pic of her walking to the bathroom in that “slit up the back” gown, but alas, I’ve work to do. She should be posting by tonight! Yeah!



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19 responses to “The “B” Stands For Baby

  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. Tell her we are thinking of her. And bring her a Diet Dr. Pepper, dammit, from me.
    I’ll reimburse you next time I see you. 😉

  3. Thanks for the update. I was praying for her this morning.

    Sounds like I should have prayed for the hospital staff too. 😉

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  5. nm

    Thanks for the update, but if we find out that you made her cry or anything, not fetching her the soda she wanted and all, you’re in trouble.

  6. I’m glad she’s okay, I was thinking of her this morning and said a prayer for her.

  7. Good to hear that Aunt B. is recovering…what’s the prognosis for recovery of the hospital staff?

  8. Yaaay!

    Aren’t those stars and moons on the gown cute? They’re so very her, you know. If she ever had to stay for very long, I could just see her with her own neatly emroidered gowns, complete with raunchy figures that would make Attic pottery blush.

  9. Just landed in DC and this was the first place I checked. Thanks for the update…glad she’s doing well!

  10. Gosh, we love her.
    Now to round up all those young, scar-licking scholars…

  11. glad to hear she’s alright

  12. yaaaay..glad to hear it went well. I’ll be looking forward to her version of this hospital experience…something tells me that there might be one or more variations…

  13. Glad to hear she’s doing okay!

  14. Oh, good god. Could you have taken a picture in which I any more clearly resembled Jabba the Hutt?

    My real pretend husband would not have taken unflattering pictures of me and flirted so blatently with all the nurses. Just saying.

  15. That’s some kind of friend who would post a picture like that.

    I copied it to my desktop wallpaper to keep the kids off the computer.

    Just saying.

  16. Geez Mack, what do the photos of people you don’t like look like? I think you photo-shopped this one!

  17. Now you all know the secret truth of why I don’t do drugs. That is, unfortunately, what I look like when stoned and, more unfortunately, even when he showed me the picture and asked if he could post it, I was all like “Hell, yeah!” as if I somehow looked good.

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