Dan Abrams Must Die

I didn’t feel good enough last night to watch the whole debate.  I did record it, but it seems unlikely I will watch the whole thing.  Right off the bat, I was disappointed in Williams and Russert, the co-moderaters.  All day long, and I mean ALL DAY LONG, every talking head MSNBC has on their roster chimed in on what Obama and Edwards had to do to “topple” Hillary.  The emphasis of the coverage was about handicapping, and indeed critiquing the performances of the participants, before the damn thing even got under way.

Ok, there is an audience for this kind of crap, I’ll admit.  So, while I hate the practice, I understand that political junkies want this.  But what I watched last night pissed me off, because these two guys carry at least a whiff of credibility around with them.  Like Isaid, all day long, there was much said about “what Obama must do.”  So far, so good.   However, there is a huge difference in opining on strategy, and initiating it on behalf of another candidate.  If Obama had made the decision prior to the debate that he wanted to stay above the fray, that is his right.  He may very well have decided that he would do his best to stick to the issues, and not comment on Hillary whatsoever.  We’ll never know.  The first two or three questions literally forced him into saying negative things about Mrs. Clinton.  It was blatantly manipulative.  Apparently, the Moderators wanted blood, particularly Hillary’s blood, and they made sure they got it.

For the record, she is not my choice in the Primary.  If she is the nominee, though, I’ll vote, I’ll donate, I’ll volunteer.

Unrelated:  There was a poll released yesterday that said 52% of Americans polled supported military action against Iran.  The talking heads acted all surprised at the supposed “revelation. ”

Then I saw the question, as asked to those polled: It asked, “would you be supportive of a military strike against Iran?”  That, like all polling questions, was so carefully crafted it bordered on brilliant.  Seems straightforward, until you see the word ‘supportive.”  People do not like to be “unsupportive” of our military, even when they think the mission is wrong.  Change that question to:  “Do you think we should strike Iran first, or exhaust every single diplomatic strategy available first?” and I think the numbers change dramatically.

If Abrams agrees to stay the hell away from MSNBC News Division, I’ll issue him a pardon and promise him safe passage out of the country.  Oh, but he has to fire Tucker first.


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18 responses to “Dan Abrams Must Die

  1. If it’s the Zogby poll, I believe it was

    “Would you support a U.S. military strike to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon?”

    Republicans, however, are much more likely to be supportive of a strike (71%), than Democrats (41%) or independents (44%).

  2. nm

    B, if Tucker gets fired, many TV watchers would be happy, plus he’d have more time to devote to you.

    Mack, you have to blame Ted White for the coverage. The Making of the President changed everything about election reporting.

  3. Oh, sure. Fire Tucker. I don’t mind. But threatening my boy, Dan?! Playing with fire.

  4. I left him a way home, B. Now, its up to him.

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  6. Yeah, I can see why so many people would be willing to bomb a nation that poses no threat to us and kill thousands of innocent people in the process. I mean, you can’t mess around when it comes to nukes. It’s not like the Iranians are civilized like, oh, say, the Israelis, who never attack their neighbors. Only a hotbed of crazed jihadists would ever actually use nukes on live human beings.

    Oh, wait; I forgot

  7. Oh, he can’t fire Tucker. He’s far too amusing. I mean my God, the comedy gold, every morning, there for the taking! And the most brilliant part about it is, he doesn’t realize the world is laughing at him!

    Dan Abrams is an idiot. These young kids are gonna kill television, I tell ya. It’s not like back when we were kids, Mack.

  8. democommie


    Bowtie Boy has his job because of his mommy.

    There are so many genuinely talented people out there who actually take the time to inform themselves of what’s really going on in the world and then some connected d-bag like Carlscum winds up with the job. I mean, I know it’s cable but, what the hell?

  9. Tell me about it.

    I hear you won’t be around so much soon, right? Sorry to see you go. Are you canceling your service for a reason?

  10. bridgett

    Cancelling my service? I didn’t buy it in the first place. Who are these people? (I think I’ve seen a picture of Tucker Carlson but I confuse him with the other closeted cable TV guy who looks like a snow monkey.)

  11. Wait, are you DemoCommie Bridgett? I thought I read somewhere that he/she was getting rid of their verizon account, so they wouldn’t be commenting much in the near future…

  12. democommie


    Bridgett is not me. I’m not even sure I’m me. Yes, I am dumping my VZ broadband (it sucks mightily for about $750/annum. I will be able to get on line from various Panera Bread cafe’s and prolly B&N bookstores. But I’m also pretty close to buying my first house (at 58, yikes!) which needs everything with the exception of the vinyl replacement windows and a new roof (including OSB sheating over thel old 1x planking). It’s going to be a full and part-time job as well as overtime and weekends. I expect to spend about a year getting it livable and then however long it takes to make it lovely or salable (having spent the last couple of weeks in the Ithaca, NY area, I’m thinking about spending more time here).

    I will be trying to spend my online time not engaging in pissing contests with people who think that making sure other people don’t get any is the same thing as “building” wealth.

  13. Demo, very cool. It’s a bitch having to do all that work, though. If you lived in nashville, I’d offer to swap labor with ya, you know, Commie style.

  14. bridgett

    No, that was me misunderstanding the tenor of your comment…

    I thought it was a “hey, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” thing. Never mind me, I have a big case of duhs this morning.

  15. democommie


    I believe the other person with a bow-tie would be George Will. I never really think of George as being gay, so much, as aesexual. Now, as far as his looking like a snow monkey, I don’t see that and I feel that you have (inadvertently, I’m quite sure) hurt the feelings of snow monkeys everywhere.

    You seem like a wonderful young person and, therefor, we will take that into consideration at sentencing.

  16. bridgett

    I just looked it up…it’s Anderson Cooper that looks like a snow monkey.

  17. democommie


    Yes, yes; I can see that now. If you look at Anderson in a certain light…

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