Out Loud, Weekend Edition

I just want to say this out loud to every single one of our “news” networks:  Enough of Brittney.  It’s beyond pathetic that you devote more time to her “crash” than you did to Bhutto’s return to Pakistan and what that might mean to fucking everybody.(Here’s a tip, it was way more newsworthy even if there hadn’t been a bomb, yo.)

I just want to say this out loud to Brittney:  Do it again.  Run over every single papparazi  you can.  Then, back up.  I can’t even imagine what kind of loser chases people around, invading their privacy, and snapping pics.  Sure, you’ll go to prison, but I’m willing to sacrifice a star or two if it means I’ll never again have to see these vultures hovering in front of some b-list star’s auto.  I watched that video, and I was wishing it had been his head under that wheel.

I just want to say this out loud to Ezra Klein:  Stop letting Matthews treat you like an amusement.  You’re a hundred times smarter than he is, and he is lucky to have you on…

I just want to say this out loud to Aunt B:  Yuck!

I just want to say this out loud to William, Andy, and RoR:  Stop arguing economics with Glen Dean.  It’s painful to watch.  Seldom have I ever seen a man so desperately clinging to the one book on economics he read like a life-raft in stormy seas. “But, but, its not a pie!”

I just want say this out loud to my daughter:  I know you laughed so hard you almost wet yourself when I called that driver an ass-wipe in front of you, but please stop telling everyone you know about it.


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9 responses to “Out Loud, Weekend Edition

  1. The woman spells her name with one T. It’s pedantic, I know, but I was quite confused for a moment.

  2. Well, when you have papparazi stalking you, i will be sure to differentiate. 😉

  3. Oh, you didn’t know?

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  6. This is OT, Mack, but I thought you should see it.

    Texas car dealership wonders: “Are you tired of Wetbacks”?

  7. The two words “ass” combined with “wipe” give me undue joy each and every time I hear them put together.
    and I’m more than three decades older than your daughter.
    You see, it just never gets old.

  8. Huh. I didn’t know about Ms. Spears’ automotive mishaps until I read this post, but I knew about the bombing of Benazir Bhutto’s caravan within the hour. It actually makes me feel better about my media consumption. Thank you, NPR.

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