Stupid Clues

15 letters, the clue is:  Sleepy bears take this.  I’m waiting.


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6 responses to “Stupid Clues

  1. bridgett

    What’s the key word/concept in the puzzle? I’d try a multi-word combo like “longwintersnaps” or something. Once you get some more letters, post again…I’m pretty good at figuring out missing letter words.

  2. Stupid clue, but I think the answer is hibernate.

  3. Sorry, I was called away all day. Hibernate isn’t it, Kathy, not enought letters.

    Bridgett, thats all I have for now. I’ll update when I attack that stupid crossword later. Thanks.

  4. I was thinking “OatmealfromGoldilocks” but that’s too many words, too.

  5. I don’t know why I read 9 letters when you clearly wrote 15. I have number dyslexia sometimes. How about “A long winters nap”. That fits.

  6. I think y’all are mixing GoldieLocks with T’was a Night Before Christmas.

    I don’t know either.

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