She’s gone. She has been a part of my life for over 5 years, a rock steady companion that never once let me down. I loved her from the minute we met, there was that immediate bonding that takes place between owner and truck. I actually took 200 dollars less for her than I would have if she had been bought by somebody here. I don’t want to see someone else riding in her. I’m going back to bed, this is too hard….left-truck-1.JPG



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3 responses to “Grieving

  1. awwwww…

    I cried as the folks who bought my ’76 Camaro (my first car) drove off. It was so old and unreliable, but it didn’ t matter…it was sentimental.

    I have an emotional attachment to my cars.

  2. But you got another truck, right? So there’s hope for the furure…

  3. Char

    I always liked her, she’s classy.

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