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Alan Greenspan says the Iraq war was about, gasp, OIL!

As my 11 yr old daughter would say…”duh.”


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Weekend Randomness

Some people facing middle age feel a sense of urgency to “experience” some things they never have before.  I think the stereotypical example is the man who rushes out one day to buy a shiny red sports car, apparently to proclaim to the world that he is still young and vibrant and perhaps even relevant.  (I’m not sure what poor middle aged guys do in this instance, perhaps rent one for a day?) Some people have a fling, usually with someone a little younger.  Some people have a fling inside their shiny new sportscar, which is difficult to begin with, but particularly problematic with the onset of middle age spread.

How am I handling middle age?  Apparently, my wife and I are going through this at the same time, because we are both doing highly irrational things.  A month ago, we had 2 kids, three dogs, two cats, two horses and 5-25 hummingbirds to feed.  This is at a time when we scaled back our earnings by agreeing that I should “retire”, and be the stay at home parent and houseboy.  So, of course it makes sense that we would then start buying horses.  Now there are four.  I’m almost done with the chicken condo, so there will be even more mouths to feed, I hope the eggs help offset this new cost. ( I know NM has agreed to purchase eggs from me at a sinfully high price.)  The cows arrive in late September, and they will have to be fed until they feed us.   And every time some jerk-off whizzes past me in a red convertible I’ve taken to flipping him the bird, and hoping he gets an STD.  I think that makes me the quintessential playa- hater.

I had a light jacket on this morning!

Lastly, though I have been avoiding politics as much as possible, I want to go on the record as saying this to every frothing at the mouth psuedo patriot out there:  Get over yourself.  The MoveOn ad title was spot on.  I’m not one to glorify those in uniform, just because they wear a uniform.  There are crooks and liars that have ribbons on their chests. (Think Ollie North, William Calley) And there are bona fide heroes.

I have worked a bit for MoveOn, and there was a time that they were the only ones with the courage to publicly rage against this war, and many of us respected that fact.  I will say that the ad was probably a bad P.R. move, though.  But if Petraeus in any way dressed up his assessment to prolong his career, he did in fact betray every single one of us.

Thats all I got.


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Sigh…His Name is “Buddy”

 Well, his real name is “Notice Me Cutting.” He’s 3 and a half yrs old, 14.3 hands, and he shares a grand-Dad with two of my horses.  I went to buy a car, and look at a horse, I wound up looking at cars, and buying a horse.  Dammit.

I really like Louisville.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I just parked for awhile looking out over the river at those bridges, and I wished I could stay another day.  I also like the architecture of many of the downtown buildings.

65South from Bowling Green to Nashville is a nightmare.  Avoid it if at all possible.  There was an entire lane of just gravel, so, of course, the trucks going past at 90 MPH peppered my car with rocks for over 10 miles.  Had I been driving a new one, I would have been furious.  Normally I don’t do 65 between Bowling Green and home, but I was in a hurry to see the family.

I’m trying to avoid commenting much on current events.  This will pass.  I’ve been spending time with the horses, and and it is beneficial to them and me when I do so with an uncluttered mind.


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Grand Theft Granola

I’ve decided that my favorite thing to do in Nashville, er, Cool Springs, actually, (besides not go there) is to pull up a chair at the Whole Foods bin aisle and sample everything.  Soynuts.  Flax seed.  Afternoon Almond granola.  Yummm.  I can’t believe what a big deal the manager made out of it, really.  I mean, shit, I didn’t spill anything on the floor, and I wound up actually buying 1.2 ounces of turbinado sugar!  Creep.   Please please please build one in Hendersonville.

In case anyone is wondering, I somehow got talked into driving to the Ohio border this evening to look at yet another gelding.  Tomorrow, I will ride him around and make horse talk with his owner, but I don’t think I’m buying. Also, while I am here, I’m looking for a car or two.  Anyone need something while I’m out?

This hotel room is rather nice.  High speed internet.  HBO.

I’ve decided that Kentucky is the most Christian place on Earth.  They love them some Jesus ’round here…


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Now, Just Think Larger

“Today’s workers are standing on the shoulders of some pretty tall men.”  “The workers before them laid the groundwork for all that we, as workers, enjoy today.”  “We owe a debt, and we have an obligation to the workers that came before us.”

Those are actual quotes from Phil Simms(retired QB, MVP Super Bowl XXI) and Michael Irvin, (retired receiver recently inducted into Hall of Fame) ,  as heard this weekend on Costas Now.  Of course, in those quotes, you have to change the word “workers” with “players.”  They were commenting on retirement and disability programs for retired NFL players, when asked who is responsible to fund them.  They felt that today’s players should contribute to such a fund.

Well, that blows my mind folks.  Not because I don’t agree with them, because I do, but because I’d bet good money that both of these guys are Republicans, and yet, the concept of those earning salaries today helping those that came before them is not lost on either of them.

Truth be told, I don’t know how much (percentage wise) is deducted from a paycheck to help fund Social Security, but I can tell you that when I worked full time, I hardly noticed it.  Wait…I just called a friend, asked him to go look, he said he earned 60k last year, paid 4200 in SSA and Medicare.  Whats that, roughly 7%?  He said he definitely notices it, but feels that it is a reasonable amount to contribute.  So, ok, I’m wondering if Mr. Simms and Mr. Irvin could get their head around the idea that all of us owe something to those who worked before us, and that allowing them to retire with at least a small stipend is good for everyone?

Anybody know what someone earning 100k pays?  How about 200k?  A Million?  I know there is a cap, but I truthfully don’t where it is, or how much it is.


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Heart Of The Bible Belt



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Maybe Not So Amish After All

Ok, slight change of plans. I found someone near the kentucky border that I think has worked out a trade with me for some round pen panels. I think we can trade today. One condition of that trade is that they deliver the panels today, so that I have them set up by tomorrow, which is my wife’s birthday. That means I probably won’t have to build a pen this weekend, though, if anyone that replied to me via email still likes the idea of doing some work, I do want to finish my corral and my coop, and need more hands. I can pay you, or I can feed you and get you drunk. I can also put you up in a nice cabin for the weekend. What a deal!

Ok, lastly, once these panels are off-loaded, I could use a couple of extra hands to set them up. Again, same deal. But I’ll need help this evening, before dark. I cannot find any local guys willing to do work, sadly. I’m up near Ridgetop, 30 minutes from Nashville. Let me know!

EDIT:  Two people have already responded, thats all I need for tonight, thanks!


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