Have you ever met anyone that personifies an aphorism? Loyal readers of Tiny Cat Pants will understand when I say that this lovely woman from Los Angeles had to be the inspiration for the saying “ask her what time it is, she’ll tell you how to build a watch.” At least, thats the online Magniloquence. In person, she communicates with a combination of throaty grunts and spastic hand gestures that are marginally entertaining. Shy. Wow. I’m not certain she has gotten over the miracle of the electric telephone, or she is afraid they charge by the word. A definite dichotomy. Here she is, with her hippie weirdo snake handling boy-toy Tim. He is a heretic. My kids liked them anyway.



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19 responses to “Magniloquence

  1. Nice rabbit ears behind Eggnog. ‘Atta girl, Supermousey! 😉

  2. nm

    Mack, what have you got against spastic hand gestures as parts of speech? I use them all the time myself.

  3. nm

    You need some more words.

  4. Yeah, if you just added an o or an amante to the end of that, it would have given you two more–Oyo and oyamante.

  5. nm

    What I really meant is that if he’s going to try to speak Yiddish, he needs to distinguish between “oy” = “what a pity, too bad, oh dear” and “ai” = “that’s great, what good news, hubba hubba, nm you communicate so beautifully with your hand gestures.”

  6. NM, my dear, you are assuming I didn’t mean the former…

    I mean, I try to be a Hamisch, but there are times when I am clearly fahklumpt.

  7. nm

    Yes, Mack, I do assume that you are a man of taste who knows how to appreciate graceful people like me and Magni.

    And your second paragraph is gibberish, dear. I mean, I’m thinking that by “fahklumpt” you mean “verklempt,” which at least would be accurate. But I have no idea what “be a Hamisch” means; do you mean you try to be haimisch? That means homey and comfortable, in a good way, and you are, of course. But it’s an adjective, not a noun.

  8. nm

    Oh, or maybe you mean you try to be a hamentaschen. That would be, well, weird.

  9. Wow! Magniloquence is a cutie, and I mean that in the most intellectual pro-feminist non-demeaning way possible. Which is to say: hubba.

  10. *blushes and mumbles*

    I can too talk! Just, um… better with a computer. Yeah. That’s it…

  11. nm

    Well, honey, I thought you talked just fine.

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  13. *laughs* Yeah, by the time you saw me, nm, I was making whole sentences. I hear that’s more useful than making meepy noises while hiding behind the boyfriend…

  14. Lynnster! I was about to put your picture on a milk carton!

  15. nm

    Well, Magni, Mack is enough to scare anyone the first time they meet him. Look at Lynnster — he drove her underground and everything.

  16. Hush, Alter kakher

  17. nm

    That’s alter koker. And it doesn’t apply to women, you vilde chaye.

  18. Magniloquence, he didn’t damage you, did he?

    I keed. I keed.

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