Garrigan Will Appreciate This (re-post)

Is it me, or is WordPress having a meltdown?  Anyway, Thanks John Lamb and A.C. Kleinheider.



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10 responses to “Garrigan Will Appreciate This (re-post)

  1. WordPress is acting up, or I have reached my personal Peter Principle…because there is supposed to be text acknowledging John Lamb for sending this to me in the first place, and a hat-tip to A.C. Kleinheider for re-sizing it. Sheesh.

  2. Dost thou have a photobucket account?

  3. Nay, I haveth not. What the fuck is it?

  4. They were doing maintenance. There was a message up when I was posting this a.m.
    He’s right, photobucket or flickr.

  5. Thanks, Coma. Sigh, you mean I have to learn something else? I’m tellin ya, stuff moves too fast on these tubes…

  6. Thou art hard-headed. I explainest how to resize photos in your “Buddy” post.


  7. At photobucket thou hast the ability to saveth and uploadeth photos and pics that thou can posteth on thine blog.

  8. Ok, Rabbi, but can I editthem there as well?

  9. You can use wordpress for that.

    Just copy and paste the regular code in the ‘code’ setting, then switch to ‘visual’ setting—from there you can use the cursor to resize the image.

    photobucket automatically gives you the regualar code

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