Sigh…His Name is “Buddy”

 Well, his real name is “Notice Me Cutting.” He’s 3 and a half yrs old, 14.3 hands, and he shares a grand-Dad with two of my horses.  I went to buy a car, and look at a horse, I wound up looking at cars, and buying a horse.  Dammit.

I really like Louisville.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I just parked for awhile looking out over the river at those bridges, and I wished I could stay another day.  I also like the architecture of many of the downtown buildings.

65South from Bowling Green to Nashville is a nightmare.  Avoid it if at all possible.  There was an entire lane of just gravel, so, of course, the trucks going past at 90 MPH peppered my car with rocks for over 10 miles.  Had I been driving a new one, I would have been furious.  Normally I don’t do 65 between Bowling Green and home, but I was in a hurry to see the family.

I’m trying to avoid commenting much on current events.  This will pass.  I’ve been spending time with the horses, and and it is beneficial to them and me when I do so with an uncluttered mind.



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6 responses to “Sigh…His Name is “Buddy”

  1. Picture of Buddy???

    Also, did you bring me back my order?

  2. Can’t figure out how to post his pic, since it is so damn big. I’m still learnin this fancy new computer stuff…

    I had your order bound and gagged in the trunk, but I think he wriggled out somewhere near Simpsonville. Too bad, he was a beauty!

  3. Darn…another missed opportunity.

    Anyway, if you put the pic into your post (editor), you can “single” click on the picture, and it will add little squares in the corners of the pic for you to click and drag to size the pic. Use the bottom right square. You’ll have to keep scrolling back down to that lower right hand corner as you resize it down, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

    Hope that helps!

  4. nm

    Notice Me Cutting? For real? His former owners had pretensions, didn’t they?

  5. NM, well they had him training for cattle, but he had the athleticism, but not the disposition. He tired of it quickly, it seems.

  6. nm

    I don’t know why that amuses me so intensely, but it does.

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