Grand Theft Granola

I’ve decided that my favorite thing to do in Nashville, er, Cool Springs, actually, (besides not go there) is to pull up a chair at the Whole Foods bin aisle and sample everything.  Soynuts.  Flax seed.  Afternoon Almond granola.  Yummm.  I can’t believe what a big deal the manager made out of it, really.  I mean, shit, I didn’t spill anything on the floor, and I wound up actually buying 1.2 ounces of turbinado sugar!  Creep.   Please please please build one in Hendersonville.

In case anyone is wondering, I somehow got talked into driving to the Ohio border this evening to look at yet another gelding.  Tomorrow, I will ride him around and make horse talk with his owner, but I don’t think I’m buying. Also, while I am here, I’m looking for a car or two.  Anyone need something while I’m out?

This hotel room is rather nice.  High speed internet.  HBO.

I’ve decided that Kentucky is the most Christian place on Earth.  They love them some Jesus ’round here…



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4 responses to “Grand Theft Granola

  1. I’ve thought of the sampling many times, but I’ve never had the guts to do it. Good for you.

  2. Yeah, pick me up a small pickup truck while you’re out there. Thanks!

  3. I would like a 6′ tall, muscular, brown-eyed man with dark, wavy hair and dark, smooth skin, and has LOTS of money to spoil me with, the brains and conversational skills to stimulate my mind, and the prowess as a lover to keep up with my insatiable desires. Oh, and he needs to be a) single, b) STRAIGHT, and c) not psycho.

    Can you pick one of those up for me while you’re out?

  4. ^^
    Good luck with that.
    They only make them in California.
    And even then, you have to weed through them because they are mostly category C.

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