Amish For A Day

Ok, you can still wear stuff with zippers and buttons if you must.  But I need some help here at Coyote Creek.  I need to build a round pen, and I need to do it over a weekend.  So, I will need one crew on Saturday, Sept 8, and another on Sunday, Sept 9.  Two people on the auger, two on the saws for one day.  Then, roughly the same number to set the rails after the Quick-Crete has hardened.  It will be relatively easy work, but many hands is key.  I will provide tamales and beer, or soda if you must, and of course material and tools, though, if you have a decent hammer, bring it.  Saturday’s crew will mark and set posts, hang the gate.  Sunday’s crew will hang the rails, and set railroad ties and spread footing.

This could be the first ever blogger joint effort day!  If you think you can help, please leave an email in the comments, or send mail to me via freespeech43 over at yahoo.

Outside work.  Sweat.  Tamales.  More sweat.  Plenty of suds.

What the hell else could you want?


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5 responses to “Amish For A Day

  1. Hey, if I can help put an implement on your tractor in a dress and sandals, I just know I can help with this! This time, I’ll wear a cocktail dress with spiked heels to see how that works.

  2. 1) Is any knowledge of how to do such things required?
    2) Will there be a sprinkler to run through?
    3) Can you throw in a ride on the horse just for good measure? (and that’s the actual horse, Ginger! 🙂 )
    4) Who am I kidding? I don’t wanna work that hard.

  3. and that’s the actual horse, Ginger!

    LOL!!! at Rachel! That was great! 😉 hee!

  4. nm

    Yaknow, they always say Messicans won’t assimilate and become good ‘Mericans, but this Mack guy has the Tom Sawyer thing down pat, I tell you what.

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