Impress Me

Oh, Internet.  Heres a big chance to justify what I spend for broadband…I need to be hooked up with an artist.  I need a person who can hear me describe what I want to do in my yard, and then draw it for me.  I guess this person would be called a “landscape artist.”  I need one, fast.  Anyone that KNOWS someone good please let me know.


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5 responses to “Impress Me

  1. nm

    Mack, check your e-mail. And be sure to share with us why you need this service fast. There’s got to be a story there.

  2. Yeah, I know someone good but I don’t know ANYONE who will schlep up to East Jeebus, TN where you live.

    Sorry, buddy.

  3. bridgett

    Landscape designers or landscape architects have the skills you’re looking for — especially if you’re thinking hardscape changes. If you google landscape artists, you’ll get people who paint on sideways canvases.

  4. Char

    Yeah, Why the big hurry? Whatcha gonna plant in this weather?

  5. A money tree, Bozo.

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