Help Wanted: Bloggers

I know MusicCity Bloggers and Nashville is Talking are both looking for bloggers to help fill in for the “regulars”, and there seems to be a movement afoot wherein local bloggers cross-post on each other’s blogs, so there may be a shortage of people with the time, inclination, and talent to do so.  How else do you explain this Tennessean Blog?  I would have thought the Tennessean would have demanded some experience with basic grammar, if not a grasp for the subject matter at hand.  It seems neither is required.  I stopped reading the Tennessean long ago, but I stumbled across this moron’s writings completely by accident, and now I am hooked, like racing fans, because I know a fiery wreck is inevitable.

So, am I left wondering if the Tennessean’s standards are indeed that low, or if we have a Nashville version of Jeff Gannon running around…who’s this guy, um, buffing?



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7 responses to “Help Wanted: Bloggers

  1. Mack, if you didn’t know this I’ll say it publicly. I adore you. Your Jeff Gannon quote is brilliant. I’m laughing my ass off.

    Now, dammit, are you coming to have a beer with me Friday night or not. If the answer is no, that’s groovy too.

  2. I’m not clear on whether the Tennessean is attempting to run a blog or an electronic graffiti website.

  3. Newscoma, I don’t think I’ll be in town…did you and B ever get your calendars together? Shit, just email me.

  4. I think the papers have gone to blogs as a last ditch effort to shore up readership. Problem is that its not blogs what will save them its getting back to real journalism.

    I’m looking for bloggers also but specifically a person that covers events. There’s no lack of people that offer to write but getting consistent bloggers is the difficult part. Oh well.

  5. getting consistent bloggers is the difficult part

    Especially when you’re asking them to do it for free.

    Consistency is an expectation that is best followed up by a paycheck, in my opinion.

  6. The Tennessean’s blogger is Kevin Fisher, “a Conservative activist, as well as a single parent raising a child on my own. I am pro life,with exceptions, pro second amendment rights, and very anti-state income tax. I work a full time job, go to church on Sundays and try to volunteer regularly. I also help coach my son’s soccer team. ”

    I mean, duh. Of course it’s lame.


  7. I was hoping for passion that I could follow up with a paycheck. Actually I’m wanting to pay my bloggers once I get some local advertisers which actually is happening. Its not much at first but it’s extra money and who knows where it could go.

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