Sunday Morning Musings

—Something Slarti wrote a couple of weeks ago, I think, has been amusing me ever since I read it. He said that he would much rather see a DLC type of Democrat in charge than a MoveOn type. Well, it tickled me because I wondered if he remembered Bill Clinton, a DLC type of Democrat, if ever there way one, and the eight years, millions of dollars, and countless man-hours his Party spent on investigating him. Never before in the history of politics had such a massive political force been arrayed against a sitting President. The Right Wing raised money and groomed young lawyers and established Conservative think tanks and went about dissecting everything Clinton ever said or did, or didn’t say or do. It didn’t matter. I’m left wondering whats in store for a MoveOn type, should one ever ascend to the Office of The President.

—And another thing, Slarti, the wing of the Party that you proclaim to identify with has been in power for well over 6 years. You have the White House, you HAD the House and Senate, and you guys even managed to appoint two conservatives to the bench. And what do you have to show for this trifecta? Instead of making the average American’s life better, you guys focused on forcing your conservative agenda down everyone’s collective throat. You guys went after desperate women making a desperate decision, and then sought to solidify your control by denying the rights of those with a different sexuality than yours. You waged an elective war, and managed it so poorly that we are all but mired in the inertia and in debt for decades. You allowed rampant cronyism to permeate virtually every branch of the public sector, and Katrina made your administration look inept and uncaring (because it was). You remained silent while your Party’s leader stacked his appearances with friendly faces, and even had those that would question his policies forcibly removed. In short, other than rewarding this country’s most well off citizens with a tax-cut, what did your Conservative Movement actually accomplish? (Not to pick on Slarti, because I think he is willing to admit that him and I have a lot in common as husbands and fathers, and that our visions for this country aren’t so different, but his statement is what prompted at least the first half of this post.)

—Then I watched the “debate” between Harold Ford Jr. and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, the founder of the Daily Kos. David Gregory did his best to try to exploit a perceived divide in the Democratic Party between Centrists and Liberals. Kos wasn’t near as diplomatic as Harold, and went after the DLC for its record of election-year failures. I thought the most accurate thing he said in his exchanges with Ford was “you guys lost because you insisted on blurring the lines between Republican and Democrat”.


I actually like some of the Blue Dogs, but this notion that a Liberal’s positions are so “out there” and removed from ‘mainstream America” is poppycock. Poppycock I say! (I actually typed that in a British accent, if it helps.) The DLC bought the Right Wing’s rhetoric, lock, stock, and pork barrel. I swear I kept waiting for some of them to apologize for being Democrats during 2000 and 2004.

Harold made some sense, like pointing to balanced budgets and the streamlined Government that Clinton gave us, and I liked those things, thank-you. But what’s next?

I don’t know anyone with a Liberal viewpoint that wants this country to languish in debt. However, I think it’s a Liberal position that if we are going to run up record debt, it should be to shore up our infrastructure, fund our educational programs, and clean up the environment where we live. You know, crazy stuff!

All in all, I applaud this transparency, and our Party will be stronger for this public airing of our grievances with each other. Let’s see the Republicans do this. Send someone to Meet The Press and debate Tom Delay about the direction he took the party. I’m not holding my breath…

—Lastly, a question for some other Dems I know: Why on Earth would you, in an election year (or Primary year), publicly denounce a fellow Democrat? I’ve actually seen postings like “why I’ll never vote for (fill in the blank)”. Really? Doesn’t that effectively marginalize you for the next election, if your guy or gal doesn’t win the nomination? Where do you go from there? I am seldom, wait…never 100% happy with my Dem candidates or office holders, but I can find ways to make it clear I don’t agree with them without withholding support. With the exception of Bart Gordon, I can usually find something I like in all of them. Of course, I’m speaking about politics here, not policy. Bad policy should be called bad policy regardless of who is responsible for it.

—Have to go now.  It’s time for Cornerstone Ministry.

—p.s.  It may just be the weather, but don’t you think Aunt B. is spectacularly cute?


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4 responses to “Sunday Morning Musings

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  2. I blogged on this topic today, too.

    At it’s heart, I think a lot of the real conservative types are just pissed that the Republicans ended up being so inept at governing.

  3. Time for your meds, Mack.

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