Thanks, and Farewell Coach Walsh (November 30, 1931 – July 30, 2007)

I watched “the Catch“, live, and still remember me and my best friend in the world hugging each other and jumping up and down in unison. You can ask ANY 49er fan what the happiest years were for the organization, and they will all point to the Walsh years. I think it was more than winning, more than the precision and beauty of the West Coast Offense, and even more than the caliber of player that Coach Walsh brought to the Bay Area. I think he had to be one of the classiest guys in the league. I think that even fans of other teams liked him. My brother, a long-time Ram fan, and who thought Joe Montana was over-rated, had respect and admiration for Bill Walsh. I was proud of the Niners during those years, and I was proud to be a fan. Thanks Coach Walsh.



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2 responses to “Thanks, and Farewell Coach Walsh (November 30, 1931 – July 30, 2007)

  1. Squirrel Queen and I were just talking about seeing “The Catch” live ourselves.

    It was absolutely wonderful and one of those moments in sports that make folks a believer when there isn’t anything to believe in. Don’t get me wrong, sports is entertainment, but it is one of the last great mysteries.
    Or at least that’s what I want to believe.

  2. Mack

    Coma, I actually saw Sandy Koufax hit a home run.

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