Unnecessary Tragedy

I’m one of those rare birds that think a policeman’s death in the line is, while sad, not any more tragic than any other premature death.  That said, I read this story this morning and got a little hot.  Seems two different “news crews” were covering a police chase and collided with each other, killing all on board.  I feel terrible for the families of these pilots and reporters, but, good Lord, do we really need “live” coverage of a police chase?  There wasn’t a celebrity involved.  Hell, even a psychopath like O.J. Simpson had the good manners to elude the police in second gear.  No, this was some sad sack in flatbed truck, no doubt inebriated to the point where escape seemed plausible.  My anger here is that these people died exploiting some moron’s bad day.  What if they had collided with the Police Helicopter?  Like I said, I believe police personnel are paid to risk their lives, but let’s not make their job any harder, ya know?



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4 responses to “Unnecessary Tragedy

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  2. Sorry man…I had to link it…that quote cracked me up this morning…maybe I’m still fried from a long week.

    Second gear…

  3. i was reading about that in some of the local papers while i was away. i have never gotten the interest, that borders on strange phenomenon, watching people being chased by the police. maybe there is something subconscious that we all wish we could run from the police so we live vicariously for a moment.. or more simply, we cannot turn away from an accident, and the idea of actually seeing the accident live is just too much for us sick folks.

    shameful, but i don’t see this accident changing anything

  4. Gavin, I think you are right, this accident won’t change a thing.
    As they say in news “If it bleeds, it leads” and the bottom line is that if the ratings for these news programs flourish during these car chases being filmed, they will continue to do it.
    And it is unnecessary, but the public’s entertainment apparently is so important.
    I find this all so unseemly, quite frankly.

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