Doctor Won’t Be Prosecuted For Bravery

Unless I missed something about this story, I will never understand the attempt made by Charles Foti
to prosecute Dr. Pou for murder and conspiracy.  There is no evidence that she intentionally gave lethal injections to elderly patients suffering from dehydration, but, even if there were, is it not clearly a case of a compassionate doctor doing her best to alleviate needless pain?  I cannot imagine what that hospital would have been like in the days following Katrina.  No electricity, no food, no water, no end in sight to those conditions.  Yet, her and a handful of nurses stayed, risking their own lives, to tend to those unable to escape.  That fact should trump everything else.  Had this doctor been found liable for these deaths, I can tell you that I would hate to be a patient in a hospital when a disaster strikes.  What doctor would risk everything, and possibly face incarceration to administer some pain medication?  I’m happy the Grand Jury found no grounds for a trial in this case.


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