Let’s Keep It Simple

Sorry, but my Google-fu (Thanks, Kate) is not strong.  But somewhere in the internets last night I read “The Reps” desperate argument about why so many that support the war don’t serve.  His argument, slightly/heavily paraphrased:

“I don’t have to play football for UT in order to be a fan, or go root for them to win, etc.”

Here’s the thing, Rep.  The UT guys don’t need you.  We should at least not keep sending the same boys back in time after time because we do not have enough fresh troops.  This is where you guys “rooting from the sidelines” come in.  We need more troops so that our guys catch a break now and again.  Can we count on you?  If not, your “support the troops” mantra rings hollow.



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3 responses to “Let’s Keep It Simple

  1. nm

    This person is thinking of a war as a sport? That’s pretty … morally underwhelming.

  2. Yeah, NM, I thought it was a clumsy analogy too. They just know that their position is completely indefensible, and it makes them desperate to find justifications for not serving.

  3. Here’s the thing, Rep. The UT guys don’t need you.

    Eggggg-zackly! And truth be known, I’m sure The Reps of this world would be all over joining the UT football team, were the opportunity presented to them. Unfortunately, they have none of the qualifications for serving on the UT football team, but all that is required to serve their country in uniform.

    Why don’t they just come out and say it? They look down on those who do serve. It’s not glamorous or glorified enough for them.

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